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Thank you very much for providing all inputs & they are really helpful.

Job change with Approved I-140, but expiring H1 in 8-9 months.
My I 140 has been approved with priority date Jan 2014. Current extension (7th Year) expiring Jan2016.
If I will change job now, and other employer is ready to re-file my green card, I believe first step would be to transfer H1. Will I get 3 years extension, based on approved I140 or will it be 1 year or until Jan2016?
If it is 1 year or until Jan 2016, then probably it will not be possible to complete PERM and I140 in 8-9 months. Is there any other option, seems like company does not have much projects in hand and might be better idea to change the job rather than getting laid off.

Thank you very much for your inputs.

Dear Rajiv Ji,

  • My I-140 (EB2) was approved in Jun-2011 with Employer A.
  • I joined Employer B in Mar-2014. Using AC-21, Employer B got my H1 extended for 3 years (beyond 6 years). New H1 is valid till Mar-2017.
  • Employer B has not started processing my PERM yet and I am afraid that it may not start soon.
  • Though my H1 is valid until Mar-2017, I want to know if Employer B will be able to extend my H1 beyond Mar-2017 (in case Employer B does not start my PERM by Mar-2017)
  • Since I doubt that Employer B has no intent of keeping their promise, should I try to find another employer who is willing to process my PERM? Will the new employer be able to request H1 transfer? Will the new employer be able to request 3 year extension along with H1 transfer? I don't know if my I-140 was revoked by Employer A.