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Hi Rajiv Sir,
I have been in US from the year 2007 on H1b visa. First two years I worked as consultant with one company. They filed labor in 2009 got approved. (2007 to 2009) They did not file i-140. But due to recession I took full time position. This company also filed Labor 3 times in last six years. But did not succeed even once. All three times recruitment process audit came and denied. (2006 to 2015).

I requested my previous employer where I worked from 2007 to 2009 to file new labor. It got approved and now I-140 also approved.

Do I need to move immediately to the first employer where I got I-140 approved? How long I can continue in full time position? When is the right time to move to that company?
Can they file 485 without being their employee?
Please advise me what the right step is.
Thank you very much for your help in advance
Sam Amar

Sam Dhaliwal

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Hi Rajiv Sir,

My name is Sam and I am a Canadian Citizen. I got my H-1B visa in 2006 and never used it. In 2013 I cam to USA in 2013 on TN Visa and working on it. Can I transfer this H-1B to my current employer? Please let me know your feedback.

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Hi ,

My name is Sameer . My I-130 was already approved in March 2014 .My wife became a US Citizen 4 months back.(before that she was a Permanent Resident) We had applied

for a Change of Category from F2A to IR1 3 months back . Recently we had received a email from NVC asking us to pay the Immigrant Visa Invoice fees along with the

Affidavit of Support Invoice Fees . The email doesnt clearly mention that our category has been changed from F2A(Spouses of Lawful Permanent Residents) to Immediate

Relative one.As part of the next steps of the NVC Process , I believe I need to take a Police Clearance Certificate(PCC) from all places lived 6 months or more since

the age of 16.It seems that the PCC is valid only for 6 months .I had the following questions for you..

1) I tried to contact the NVC on 603-334-0700 and through email but was unsucessfuly. Do you think that our category has been changed?

2) Is PCC certificate required for NVC document submission or is it required for the Immigrant Visa Interview?

3) If the Immigrant Visa Interview happens after 6 months , it would be difficult for me to get a new PCC certificate then as I was already issued one recently.
What do you suggest me to do?

Your Help is Greatly Appreciated.




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Hi Rajiv Ji,

I would like to thank you for your community services.
My question is today I’m located at Nashville TN, if want submit H4 EAD application for my wife on May 26th do I need to submit to Texas or Vermont service center? If you can share mailing address that we need to submit that will be great.

Thank you so much again.


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Hello Rajiv Sir,

Thank you for continuing to do the great work that you have been doing for the community.
I am presently on H4 visa and exploring opportunities both in for profit and non-profit sectors. My question is suppose a company files for my H1B visa in April that will let me work from October and in the meanwhile, I also get a job in non profit sector (cap exempt) and they file for a H1 in May, which H1 would be effective? Also, how would that impact my H4 status?

Thanks a lot!
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