LUD keeps changing after RFE response.


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change of policy


Either USCIS has gone on vacatoin wholesale or has changed policy of approving the cases after 3 days of LUD changes...Maybe its just the 9/11 anniversary syndrome... after having made the supidest error of providing H1B approvals to terrorists, the last time, may be they do not want repeat the same mistake...for their sake ... as well of all others..... !!

So guys... we all have to wait till this cloud clears and then there is the looming election to condsider .... :eek: :eek:


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Recent LUD changes

On my case the LUD changed again on 09/14 and today 09/15 after no updates from 09/02-09/14.

mj_no_1 said:
I have similar experience to slw3k. LUD changed three times after RFE received and stopped. No approval yet. Last LUD change was on 09/02/04.