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Letter from Asylum office

Discussion in 'Political Asylum in USA' started by rshar, Mar 15, 2018.

  1. rshar

    rshar New Member

    Hi all,

    I need your help figuring out what I can do to remedy this situation:

    • I lived in state1 when doing my asylum interview, so USCIS at that time had my state1 address on file
    • I moved to state2 after few month of interview and requested change of address with USCIS . They changed my address and sent me confirmation letter
    • The asylum office sent letter couple of weeks ago to my address on state1 ( i really don't know why would they do that since they have my address updated to state2)
    • The friend over there forwarded the letter to my new address (state2) but he missed up the forward instructions and the USPS says it has been returned to original sender (Asylum office)
    What I can do to get my hands on that letter and read it? Friend in state1 didn't open it rather he sent me a picture of the envelop (my guess he thought this is a private letter)

    Please advice!

  2. ForeverPending

    ForeverPending New Member

    I would suggest you write a letter and send it directly to the Asylum Office (not the USCIS service center) of your new address and explain the delay in notifying them of your change of address.
    When you change your address, you must notify both USCIS through the online form, and the Asylum Office by mail separately.
  3. Jet Know Chow

    Jet Know Chow Member

    You can check you z number if you got approval.
    If your Z number did not change status that mean your case is denied or got recommended approval

    To make sure call this number
    Put your A number is it says about your court date
    That mean your case is referred to immigration court
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  4. rshar

    rshar New Member

    Z number didn't change status, so hopefully it got recommended approval since I called the immigration court and system said my A number doesn't exist, which I guess, means nothing yet has been filed for my case in immi. court.

    Thank you for the insightful reply! @Jet Know Chow
  5. rshar

    rshar New Member

    Great idea, thank you.
  6. rshar

    rshar New Member

    Has anyone tried to contact the asylum office through their email for public inquiry (this one is for Chicago Asylum office)? CHICAGO.ASYLUM@USCIS.DHS.GOV
  7. miki0007

    miki0007 New Member

    I just did, will let you know if i hear something back ;)
  8. miki0007

    miki0007 New Member

    Good Morning,

    Please do not send emails to this address. The Chicago Asylum Office cannot respond to inquiries from applicants requesting case-specific information. This is for your safety and to maintain the confidentiality of asylum applications.
    Please send your inquiry by mail to the asylum office:
    Department of Homeland Security


    Chicago Asylum Office
  9. rshar

    rshar New Member

    Good to know, thanks.

    I sent them a mail and it is in its way. Will keep you all posted. in the meanwhile if anyone has similar experience please share, I would really appreciate it.
  10. rshar

    rshar New Member

    Does anyone know how long before the asylum office replies to the mail usually, like average time, maybe?

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