Laid Off, do another job?

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Hi Ohiowaiter,
what's the reason for being laid off and which city was your permanent residency?
Maybe you will be more lucky in another city.
By the way...your name sounds quite interesting:)
Please help on this situation
1. Mr. A came to US on H1B visa along with his wife (H4-B) on November 2009 I-94 issued until Sept 2011
2. Company started payroll on February 2010
3. Mr. A got laid off in July 2010
4. Company sent notification in October 2010 about lay off to USCIS dated September,2010
5. USCIS responded that they received the request to withdrew on November, 2010 and withdrew the H1B (petition 129) notification letter date as of December 15 2010
6. Mr. A found another employer who claimed that he has filed H1 transfer petition for him and but couldn't provided the receipt number until yesterday January 24 2011
7. Receipt number is not track-able yet so Mr. A has serious doubt about it’s validity and worried that his case was never filed, Please refer to the attached email from other company's lawyer.