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  1. sanbible

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    Hi Here is my case... I was on L1B and had VISA Expiration Date of 21Dec2012 and I have an i94 Stamped Date as 17Nov 2015. My employer had submittied L1B extension on 17Dec2012 (ie 3 days before my VISA Expiry Date). Currently i got an RFE on my Extension. RFE response is due on 9th April 2013

    1>Due to fact that my Extension can get rejected post RFE , Can i stop my VISA extension Procedure now?
    2>After i stop my VISA Extension Procedure ,can i continue to stay here on my I94 date? ie can i stay here legally 17Nov 2015?
  2. Mohan Bhargava

    Mohan Bhargava New Member

    hello... any update on your RFE response ?
  3. Sm1smom

    Sm1smom Super Moderator

    You do realize this Thread is over 4 years old?
  4. Mohan Bhargava

    Mohan Bhargava New Member

    oops !!!

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