Impact of impounded passport on GC processing

First of all, never tell anyone on this or any other forum not to post. That is a ToS violation. I chose to volunteer my time, as many others do, and I suppose none of us are lawyers. We offer advise based on the facts your provide.

Do not get sensitive if you do not like the suggestions presented here. In your own words, you have chosen to ignore court hearings the past 3 years; the RPO email got your attention. Need helpful suggestions? There have been plenty here.. contact whoever sent you the RPO email, try to get a travel document that allows you to travel to India. If you believe the charges are false, man up and travel to India to fight the dowry/marital cruelty charges. That's more important than an H1B.
Thanks, I got your point.... That might be the right step seems at this stage.
Also I'm new to this site and forum and was thinking Lawyers will share the suggestion who are maintaining this site or any other person who has knowledge on these type of cases. Anyways thanks to all who has shared the suggestions.