Immigrant Visa Expiring before travel to US - Coronavirus


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My parents who are elderly recently got approved for their Green Card through consular processing and received an Immigrant Visa to travel to the US. That visa expires on April 8th and they were planning to travel March end. However due to the Coronavirus scare, we are rethinking if they should travel now given the situation. I am trying to figure out what happens in the case they decide to not travel now and their immigrant visa expires. Will they need to schedule another visa appointment and go through some part of the process again or is there a way to reach out to the US Embassy in India and request an extension to the expiry of the visa given the extreme situation/pandemic we have?

Any suggestions will be much appreciated.



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Is it not possible for them to fly now? That’s what I would do.
You would have to contact the embassy. Usually they don’t issue a new visa if one has expired, but under the circumstances they may be more lenient than usual. At the very least however, even if they can be issued a new visa they will have to redo their medical exams.

Mr. Naresh Gehi

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You must contact the embassy and ask them to reissue the visa. You can reach out to Gehi & Associates if you need further more help.