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    TN Status- Employer unwilling to sign off on a dedicated "TN employment letter"

    I would like some advice on my situation. I am currently on post-completion OPT as a pharmacist for a hospital in the US. The employer is not willing to stray from their HR policies. They said they can provide me with my original offer letter (from 2019) and also a current employment...
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    TN -> B2 While Job Searching

    Hi there I realize this question has been asked a few times on this forum but I wanted to ask regarding my situation I was on TN visa under the Engineer status as a product manager in the Bay Area I was laid off on March 16th 2020, so I have until May 15th 2020 to find a job It's currently...
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    Regarding immigrant visa interview during coronavirus

    Hi all, I need some expert advice on this below issue. I applied for an f4 immigrant visa for my sister in India. PD: 21 Dec 2004 Approval date: 29 Oct 2010 The PD got current in visa bulletin of April 2020 Their visa interview date came out to be 3rd april 2020. My sister has a son who is...
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    Immigrant Visa Expiring before travel to US - Coronavirus

    Hi, My parents who are elderly recently got approved for their Green Card through consular processing and received an Immigrant Visa to travel to the US. That visa expires on April 8th and they were planning to travel March end. However due to the Coronavirus scare, we are rethinking if they...