I overstayed my Canada visitors visa ... NEED HELP.


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I am a UK citizen, recently returned from Canada but overstayed my tourist visa by approximately 18 months. Will I be able to return there or will I get stopped at the airport on my return?

My Fiance is Canadian and I was living with her for the 2 years I was there .... I didn't get asked any questions as to why I overstayed on my departure from Canada or on my arrival back in the UK but would like to return so we can get married.

please help.
Canadian Visitors to US - 6 motns limitation

Seems this is a confusing topics amongst Lawyers.....so can you or someone please post the relevant section of the immigration act that covers this topic....Canadians visiting US....6 months limitation.

One Lawyer stated I can visit US for 6 months at a stretch...go back to Canada for a Day and return to US for another 6 months in the same year.

Another Lawyer stated that i can only stay for up to 6 months in any one year......either continuously or adding up shorter visits in the year that totalled 6 months....................this makes sense.

Another stated that I can visit for 6 moths....then make an application to stay for another 6 months....this makes sense.

I think with commonsense...we can interpret the requirements as stated in the Immigration Act and save ourselves money.....................
I would say you might land in trouble when you go back to Canada next time. They will ask you about the reason for your over staying . If you able to give them a valid answer than you will not face any problem. It also depends on the immigration officer on the particular day. If you get married with Canadian citizen than it won't be any problem for you hopefully.