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I have two first names, and I forgot to write my first first name in dv2013 on-line application.

Discussion in 'Lottery Visas - DV' started by atom13, Dec 24, 2012.

  1. atom13

    atom13 Registered Users (C)


    My question is about the on-line DV-2013 application form. More precisely, I have two first names, and I forgot to write my first first name in the application. I was selected and I already sent my applications to KCC (confirmed) and now waiting for the visa interview.

    Here's my problem:

    (This is not my real personal data)

    My full legal name: James (first first name) David (second first name) Menefee (middle name) Smith (last name)

    When I filled the online DV2013 application, I entered my name as David (first name) Menefee (middle name) Smith (last name), the problem is I didn't mention "James", but on the forms I sent to KCC, in the "Full Name in Native Alphabet" box I wrote "James David Menefee Smith" in our native alphabet. Other parts filled without "James".

    And a question is, will it be an issue at the interview?
  2. Princedriss

    Princedriss Registered Users (C)

  3. gabam

    gabam Registered Users (C)

    After reading all that you have said, I see that "James" does not appear in the dv-2013 application, while it appears on your forms that you sent to KCC. I think it could possibly create some sorts of problems, because of conflicting names in the original application and kcc forms. But, we are not in a position to take the final decision, not we are legal experts. I think you better approach a qualified lawyer, or a consultant who deals with US visas. He could guide you and show you the solution.

    Best of luck!
  4. atom13

    atom13 Registered Users (C)

    There's no difference between the original application and the KCC forms. I did not mention "James" in either of them. Both have the same name. KCC confirmed my application is being processed. What are my possibilities ?
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  5. gabam

    gabam Registered Users (C)

    Why did you put that extra James there? Any reasons? If James appears anywhere in your documents, then try to remove James from your documents like birth certificate, passport etc. But if James doesn't appear anywhere, so you won't have any problems then. You can simply correct that problem in your forms, and send another form by email to KCC. I also had some problems in the forms that I sent to KCC, so I removed those problems and sent the new data through email to KCC. And KCC confirmed to me that they had received my updated Data.

    Best of luck!
  6. atom13

    atom13 Registered Users (C)

    I did enter "James" only in the "Native Alphabet" box on the KCC forms because my birth certificate, passport etc everything has "James". My full name was written without "James" on the KCC forms. Simply, DSP-122 and Form DS-230, Part I and II were filled without "James", but only in the place where it asks for your full name in native alphabet, I wrote it with "James". I hope it's clear for you now. I cannot remove "James" from my birth certificate, passport etc. If I send new forms to KCC with "James" it would be different with my on-line DV2013 application. Would they still process it? Or should I explain it during the interview?
  7. gabam

    gabam Registered Users (C)

    Well bro. Let's put it this way. Your original online DV-2013 Application did not have "James", it means your 1st NL and 2nd NL won't have the "James" either. On the other hand, all your documents have "James". The case is quite clear, your original dv application as well as the kcc forms are in contradiction with your all documentation. You can either change the DV-2013 application and KCC forms(which is impossible), or you could change all your documents. But I am wondering that why you didn't put "James" in the DV-2013 application? Anyways, I think you should appear for the interview, and explain your problem there. I cannot say anything.

    Wishing you best of luck!
  8. Lazder

    Lazder Registered Users (C)

    Problem is that this will give headache to KCC... It depends if person on case will bother or just trash your application. If I was you I would write email to KCC or call them... explain slowly because I couldnt even get my head round what you were writing.
  9. gabam

    gabam Registered Users (C)

    @Lezder, KCC cannot do anything in his case. His name in the DV-2013 lottery application, and the name on his all documents do not match. What does KCC have to do anything in such a case.
  10. barca

    barca Registered Users (C)

    Name Differ

    Same Problem I do have also...i fill dv form in the following way

    Last Name:S(KA)
    First Name:A
    Middele name:K

    But i have following name in my Certificates only.....
    Last Name:S
    First Name:A
    Middle Name:K

    but in DS-form there is one option "Other Name Used" so i put my certificate name in that column,,now my question, is make any difference in my Process......waiting answers eagerly
  11. Momo1980

    Momo1980 Registered Users (C)

    I am absolutely certain to recall reading it somewhere on the State Department DV section or on the forms themselves if I'm not mistaken (and from what I've asked previous DV winners that I know personally), the name on all forms/documents MUST match what is indicated in your passport(s). When you have to appear for the interview the consular officer will cross-check your name on the passport to the form(s).

    The issue is that the entire DV process is linked i.e. from your initial application online to being selected on May 1st to being granted an interview (subject to your case number being called up) to you entering the US to you receiving your SSN and GC.

    As there are many fraudsters out there or bogus applications or DV seekers or inconsistent/false documentation, the US State Department and US embassies want to ensure consistency and matching. What your certificates say is all a secondary matter because your DV information is based on your passport (think back to when you applied online - did you enter your name as is in your passport?)

    If you are a first time entrant to the USA then the initial information on your passport that will be entered stays on the Embassy/State Department/Homeland Security database so it must be consistent.

    If you have visited the US several times (like myself) then they just punch in your last visa number/last visit (which you have to indicate on any application form requiring a visit to the US) and don't really kick up a fuss even if there is some slight variance on the information you provide because your records are already on the computer (unless the consular officer decides to ask you for more information).

    You yourself know who you are but the consular officers have to go by the book or laws/rules of the USCIS/DV laws and these laws are the final say.

    If the information contained within your forms is inconsistent it presents a headache for the person handling your paperwork at the KCC and subsequently for the consular officer. Even if you get through that stage you might hit a snag when you land in the USA because the passport control officer will think "okay why does the passport say one name and the document another?" and the last thing you need is more headaches because the whole DV process itself is stressful for all of us.

    Think about how many applications one single person at the KCC handles and what a costly task the entire DV process is for the State Department. They are more concerned with applicants who make life easy for them by complying with the regulations because it allows them to get through applications quickly.

    Then again, if you're lucky then it won't be an issue and you'll just have to clarify the matter to the KCC and to the consular officer if you are granted an interview.

    However I am 100% sure and read that the name on your DV forms MUST match the name on your passport. I myself nearly made a mistake and was about to courier my documents without my middle names on the forms and something inside told me not to send them and check things again so I re-read the regulations and amended my forms then submitted them.

    Of course later on when you're settled in the US and are eligible for citizenship you can have the information changed by written application and consent of the USCIS and Homeland Security.

    If you want further clarification I suggest contacting the US Embassy in your area and the KCC.

    Good luck!
  12. atom13

    atom13 Registered Users (C)

    so what should i do now? call our local embassy and explain this ? with my real details ? or email kcc with the issue ? will they trash my application then ? please reply

    Thanks a lot
  13. unfaithful

    unfaithful Registered Users (C)

    i m sorry but there is a very high chance that your visa will be denied......a friend of mine got his visa denied just because he wrote his name in the online application with 2 different letters than what actualy he has on passport :like his name was James but on the online application he typed Jamse.

    sorry but maybe it's time to move one,the first thing the officer is going to look at in the intreview is if the full name on application match the passport's name and athor decuments,that's why we always advise people to not rush while submiting the online applicationa and check every details!

    good luck
  14. atom13

    atom13 Registered Users (C)

    What if I don't want my first first name to be used in the USA?

    in my application other spellings are all correct!


    James (first first name) David (second first name) Menefee (middle name) Smith (last name)

    1) What if I want to be called "David Menefee Smith" in the USA? and that's why I didn't enter James? what if US authorities are
    happy with it? and if they think I entered multiple entries (cheated), they can always check it with KCC?

    2) What if I get an observation on my passport saying 'The bearer of this passport is also known as David Menefee Smith', then
    that will show them I'm one and the same person?

    Anyway, when I fill the N-400 (citizenship) form after going to USA, I can change my name in anyway I like without any problems.

    So how can it be such a big issue?
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  15. Dziecka

    Dziecka Registered Users (C)

    it doesnt matter if you want to use it or not. all your documents have to have your full data.
    i believe if you wrote it the same way on your online application and later on the forms sent to kkc you are ok. the problem is if it doesnt match your passport. so if your passport says James bla bla bla you are screwed.
  16. atom13

    atom13 Registered Users (C)

    yeah my passport says James bla bla bla
    what if I get an observation on my passport ?

    will I have any chance ?
  17. gabam

    gabam Registered Users (C)

    Let me share a little bit of my own problem(I am not sure if it is a problem) with you guys. I am also using fictional names. So here it is.

    <<<<< DV-2013 Application DATA also on the 1st NL page>>>>>

    No Last Name
    MiddleName: No Middle Name
    FirstName: Adam Craig

    <<<<< DATA on my forms sent to KCC>>>>>

    No Last Name
    MiddleName: No Middle Name
    FirstName: Adam Craig

    Father's LastName: No Last Name
    Father's MiddleName: No Middle Name
    Father's FirstName: Christopher Ricky

    <<<<< DATA on my passport>>>>>

    My Passport shows my FullName as "Adam Craig S/O Christopher Ricky"

    While S/O = Son of

    <<<<< DATA on other documents like education, birth certificate, police certificat etc>>>>>

    Name: Adam Craig
    Fathers' Name: Christopher Ricky

    In our part of the world, we don't have last names, we are known by fathername. In the DV2013 online application, it gave me the option to ignore the lastname and middlename, so I ignored them because I don't have middle and lastname. It also didn't require my father's name, so I couldn't mention it there. But I did mention my father's name on KCC forms.
    So, do you guys think I could face some sort of problems, because my passport mentions both my name and my father's name?

    Thanks, and best of luck to everybody!
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  18. unfaithful

    unfaithful Registered Users (C)

    they really don't care if you want to use it or not,what they are going to look at is not what you say but what's on paperwork,if your name on the online application doesn't meet with what's on your passport/birth certificate and athor decuments,than i m sorry to say forget about it! so much fraud and scam happened lately and the USA embessies seem to get it tight lately even when it comes to very small details! they can't check if you have submitted athor applications except the one being chosen,cause it's 6 million applications,how can they check all that number when they know u could use different names forms or changed date .......and they don't have time to do all of that stuff,the interview is so short,something like 5 mintutes and it's over,it's not like meeting where you can set and have talk all the time,cause athor people are waiting for their turn,and the officer in the embessy they only say: congratualtions,come on **/**/** to get you visa ,or we are sorry but your visa is denied! if i was you i would be so worried and know that the chance are littel to none but you still can get some attach to your passport and athor decuments saying your name is just the same like on the online application,if you can change your passport that would be good idea.

    hey body send me a message i think i have some ideas and i can help you
  19. Momo1980

    Momo1980 Registered Users (C)

    atom 13 - the issue at hand here isn't about what your preference or my preference pertaining to what name to use is. The issue is what the consular officer will look at at the interview.

    What you have to realise is that the KCC and respective US embassies around the world are dealing with a large number of applications at any given time and it is easier for them to toss aside what doesn't match (because communication takes time and time = money therefore the process would be a costly one for them because they have limited time) and move on to properly filled applications and give those people a chance.

    For developing or third world countries they don't really bother with spelling issues on marriage certificates and other ancillary documents because they know that there is a great degree of unprofessionalism or inconsistency in third world countries so they turn a blind eye to such issues so to speak.

    Also remember that people who haven't ever been to America are subject to more screening than those who have. The ones who have either lived or visited the US several times are already on the Homeland Security database so they don't have to spend time and resources screening the person unless they do so randomly.

    HOWEVER, what they are interested in is your passport which is your current legal identification document and your ability to sustain yourself in the US either through a petitioner/sponsor or with your own finances.

    What I suggest you do is e-mail the KCC and contact the US embassy in your area and ask them about the name issue.

    Good luck and I sincerely hope things work out for you!
  20. sujath2012

    sujath2012 Registered Users (C)

    hi dear friends,
    I have some of problems regarding name while i was enter in online entry form, I have enter in online entry as
    last name(family name): KABEER
    first name: SUJATH
    middle name: MOHAMED but
    my birth certificate and other all education documents saw my full name as KABEER MOHAMED SUJATH (my father name is kabeer(family name) and my name is mohamed sujath), my passport saw like surname is:KABEER and other name is mohamed sujath,actually i have sent both forms to kcc and kcc has confirmed as well, my visa interveiw also sheduled toward last of january 2013. so friends in my case will i have to face any problems in my visa interveiw.

    i have highly appreciated for prompt usefull reply


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