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I am no Terrorist, any advice?

Discussion in 'Political Asylum in USA' started by saxo, May 20, 2009.

  1. LOE

    LOE New Member

    Thanks for sharing the information and congratulations. It seems that you had been very lucky to be able to adjust your status after your application was put on hold. I was thinking of withdrawing my current pending application for adjustment of status and reapplying as the spouse of a naturalized citizen. I did consult two different attorneys and I was advised against it. I was told that when I file the petition for adjustment the service will examine all the facts surrounding the withdrawn application and it is more than likely that the new petition will be put on hold. I will try to seek some more legal advice about this possibility.
  2. hecate

    hecate Registered Users (C)

    My friend is married to a US citizen for about 12 years and his case is still on hold as of today. You are right some times its the luck that works.
  3. LOE

    LOE New Member

    This forum has been silent for sometimes...I just hope that some of the pending applictions had beed adjusted...My application is still pending and it has been rather difficult for me to get information about the current status of my case. I have been requesting information about the current status of my case every six months for years and I used to get reply mostly in a couple of days of the request...( everytime I used to get a different reason for the hold)...It has been more than 2 months since I requested information about the status of my case using the TRIG email and so far I have recieved no reply. I would like to know if anyone on this fourm has recently used the TRIG email successfully....I would appreciate your reply....
  4. LOE

    LOE New Member

    Hellow Friends
    I just wanted to share an update about my situation. In late July I finally decided to give up on my pending application for adjustment here and crossed the boarder into Canada. I renewed my application for asylum there and as a matter of fact my request was based on the TRIG hold inthe US. I was very fortunate that my application was finally granted last Friday. I would like to share few important points with those of you who might be thinking of moving into Canada. Before moving to Canada try to get a police clerance letter from the Police department that has jurisdiction over your area of residence in US. It will expediate your application. I would also suggest to have proof that you have paid all your taxes in the US. I was asked and I had proof from IRS. The CanadianImmigration will check your credit report too so it is important to pay all your bills before leaving this country. If someone as a specific question I will be glad to answer...
  5. Freedom

    Freedom New Member

    Question: did you abandoned your application here in the US and moved to canada? I've been waiting my decision for 5 years.... and i am desperate living like this is not healthy at all.
  6. LOE

    LOE New Member

    I think once an aslyee leaves the US without obtaining a refugee travel document then techincally the status expires. I had a valid RTD but because of the Canada-U.S. Safe Third Country Agreement I had to cross into Canada without ispection ( Not through official Crossing).
  7. hecate

    hecate Registered Users (C)

    Hello again, question for some one who can answer or has an opinion
    "Will June 28, 2018, USCIS policy memorandum on updated guidance" have a negative impact or risk our pending case.
    Hope to hear the answer, this forum has been dead for a while.
  8. anita1305

    anita1305 New Member

    Form G-639, Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Request can be used to request your ... Attorneys want to get all available information so that they can provide informed advice. ... Prepare your G-639 FOIA request quickly and correctly with CitizenPath. ... You should not file Form G-639 for any of the following reasons:.

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