I am no longer Curious!!! I am APPPPPRRRROOOOOVEEEDD!!!!!!!

Discussion in '485 issues in Texas Service Center' started by curiousGeorge, Nov 30, 2004.

  1. frodo

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    C :) ngrats!
  2. chaman

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    I am glad to hear your case has been approved, I know it has been a long and frustrating journey, now it is time to celebrate.
    Congratulations :D
  3. redsword

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    I hope you still curious about other things in life. Curiousity keeps us alive.
  4. GC soon

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    Phew! What a journey. Congratulations to you and your family.

    GC soon
    I 485 ND :June 6th,2002
    FP :February 4th,2005
    AD : Soon
  5. approve1gc

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    congrats well deserved !!!
  6. curiousGeorge

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    cplusplus, jacquelina, frodo, chaman, redsword, GC soon, approve1gc,
    Thanks for all your kind wishes!!! This is exciting even after all this time.

    I never expected that my approval post would be pulled out hibernation after all this time. Redsword, were you searching for something that made you stumble upon this thread? :D
  7. jamborees

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    I am so grateful to this board that I keep coming back to share my experience for somebody who may need it ... though i am fast getting out of touch ... I thought there was nothing that changes as fast as technology - but this thing keeps changing so fast!
  8. redsword

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    Not really -- I am old timer, -- but was not much of a help to others -- I have taken more from this forum than given. I come to this forum time to time see if I can help -- no luck yet.
    Also, one of my relatives is just starting TN to GC journey soon.
  9. josewilson

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    its interesting to know these things
    if you know any lawyers doing this let me know
    and how much they charge for it
    am right now a PR of Canada am looking to get GC of US too
    so any leads and information related to this is appreciated
    thanks once again for your wonderful information
  10. harithpatra

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    It is my turn, I received one sweet email with the status :"Notice mailed welcoming the new permanent resident" For rest of the data, you can find from my signature.

    It is a long journey but intresting and frustraction. took longer time to reach this point.

    Wish you good luck !! Relax, do not worry too much, you all will get it.

    Some how, at texas center, I did not see any LUD changes. For my first application, Ohh. lot before they denied. That is not my mistake, employer sucks.. lied lot to me..
  11. S_Menon

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    TN to GC- I485 documentation required for self(EB2) and kids


    I had my I-140 approved in April 2009. As I am born in India, was waiting eagerly for priority dates. Now that they are current, could anyone please help me with documentation required for myself (EB2) and my kids. My husband doesnot want to apply with me for Green cards as he has to travel outside US as a part of his job. Also are there any sections that I as a TN visa holder is different from H1B.
    Thanks in advance.

  12. gunt

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    CuriousGeorge did a great service to all TN holders in explaining how to move from TN to LPR. I used the instructions a lot and was successful as a result. Actually I tested the limits of the process described in the instructions. Here is what I mean:

    I was on a TN and I filed a I-140 for EB-1 Extraordinary Ability. This is a self-petitioned I-140. No employer required. I selected Consular Processing on the I-140. When the I-140 was approved, there was about two months left on the duration of my TN status. I decided to file an I-129 for an extension on the TN status. A few days after I filed the extension, I had to travel to Canada for personal reasons, so I returned to Canada and attempted to re-enter the US and in the process get a new TN at the border. I was prepared for the US Customs officers with the information that a filed I-140 was NOT proof of immigrant intent. The initial officer told me that I was not allowed re-entry into the US as TN as the I-140 was immigrant intent. I was sent to an office and another officer told me the same. After about an hour of this, the officer's supervisor came out and told me that I was correct, "A filed I-140 is not immigrant intent" and that they would issue me a new TN and I was allowed entry to the US. I knew I was right all along, but it sure was stressful. A few days after I entered with the new TN, then I filed the I-485/AP/EAD forms. Within a month or so I had my GreenCard in my hand.
  13. royalyellow

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    Hi CuriousGeorge,

    Your post is so very informative for us TN-visa holders, which is probably why it has survived 7+ years. Thank you.

    Considering 3-year terms for TN-visas as well as huge green card backlogs, especially for Chinese/India TN-visa holders who are waiting for green card, which is a better status for them to apply for green card during present day scenario - H1b visa --or-- TN-visa ?
    I am an Indian born Canadian citizen who lived in Canada for 12 years and came to Texas a month ago on a 3-year TN-visa. My challenge is for my wife to get a visa so she will be allowed to work. She is with me on TD visa. TN-visa is not an option for her since she is not an Canadian citizen yet. It is getting harder to find a company that can sponsor H1b visa. More importantly, I am looking forward for a long term solution.

    Thank you for your guidance.
  14. curiousGeorge

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    Its great to see the law actually reflected in reality, when so many people have a misconstrued "opinion" which contradicts with this law, even many lawyers. I can imagine the stress you went through waiting for the "verdict". Thanks for sharing this experience on this thread for others to see. This definitely puts the debate to rest.
  15. KozmicWitch

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    I'm a mexican citizen working with a TN status since 2007. For years and years I research about how to become a legal resident without having to switch to the H1-B. Today I discover all the information you provided, I printed it and I am planning to read it all tonight. I just want to say THANK YOU for sharing this information to all of us, this is like finding light at the end of the tunnel.

    Once again, thank you!
  16. Graduate232

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    Is the TN - GC path still applicable relative Trump now being president (ie. has the requirements changed from the first post on this thread)?

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