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I-539 Form Lost - please HELP!!

Discussion in 'Living in USA On B status and B extension of Stay ' started by WorriedDaughter, Jun 1, 2007.

  1. WorriedDaughter

    WorriedDaughter New Member

    I filed I-539 to get my parents stay extended in 2001. The application
    was approved.

    When they left U.S. in 2001, they took I-539 approval letter with them.

    I want to invite them here this summer but they can't find I-539 approval letter any more. My fault - I didn't get a copy of that letter either.

    Anybody has the same experience or has the knowledge of what I should
    do? Would that cause any issue on their B-2 visa? Would they get stopped at U.S. Custom even they were able to get the visa to U.S.?

    Please HELP - I do want to get my parents here one more time before they are too old to handle a long trip like this (they are at their mid 70s). It's been 6 years since their last visit.

    Any advice will be very helpful!!! Thank you big time in advance!!

    a worried daughter
  2. Triple Citizen

    Triple Citizen Registered Users (C)

    Do they have current B-2 visas or will they be applying for them? If it is the latter, then they will be listing their last visit to the US. The consul will then decide if he/she wants to know more about that visit. If they have visas then the inspector at the POE may quiz them about their last visit. Bottom line is, the loss of that letter does not put them in a problematic situation.
  3. WorriedDaughter

    WorriedDaughter New Member

    Triple Citizen, thank you for the reply - it eased my worries very much!!

    My parents will be applying for B-2 visa next month. Wish them luck.

    Thanks again.
  4. derschofer

    derschofer Registered Users (C)

    Hi, Can you reply if your mom applied for Visa and if so what the outcome is. I am in the same situation. We applied for her visitor visa extension in Feb 2004 and we got the extension approved after she left. Since then we lost the approval notice and do not have other evidence, such as EAC number, cashed checks etc.

    I would like to find out what happened to folks applying for visa as well as while entering in POE, in a situation like this.

    If they apply and get rejected, would it affect chances for GC, as I am citizen now and eligible to apply for their PR. I just do not want to go through the long process at this stage, if there is a way they can get their visitor visa without any issues. Thanks for your help.
  5. Triple Citizen

    Triple Citizen Registered Users (C)

    Being rejected for visit visas should not affect one's chances for an immigrant visa. I am assuming the applicants are not found inadmissible to the US. In that case, an immigrant visa may also be denied, unless a waiver is secured.
  6. pavanbikki

    pavanbikki New Member

    I have a similar problem:

    My Mother entered US on B2 visa on Apr-13-2013 for six months and with I-94 expiring on Oct-22-2013. Then I applied for an extension of her visa for six more months till March 2014 and it got approved. She left US in Feb 2014 and gave her extended I-94 at the airport while leaving.she is planning to visit US next month and Now I try to access most recent I-94 it still shows Oct 2013 and not March 2014,
    1) Now will she have any problem entering US now at POE? we don't have I-797 approval or notice with us to show at this point of time.
  7. ramamurty

    ramamurty New Member

    Hi friends,
    My situation is similar to pavanbikki, any guidance is appreciated here.

    I am in the same situation like yours, my mother too lost the extended stay -I539 approval document ( approved on 17-june-2013). She stayed for 2 months more in 2013, and returned india in Aug 2013.

    We have the acknowledgement letter from USCIS that we filed and the uscis.gov case approval print which says the case is approved , we couldnt find the original approval copy as it is more than 3yrs now.

    Besides her I-94 record also shows June 2013 not august 2013

    could she travel with this information into the US- having acknowledgement letter and uscis.gov case approval print out ?
  8. ramamurty

    ramamurty New Member

    Hi Pavan, I am in a similar problem like yours, could you update me what happened ? did you get a duplicate copy or did you get a No OBjection Certificate and were your parents visited again ?

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