i-485 For parent who got deported 20 years ago


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I recently became a US citizen and I'm in the process of petitioning my father who has been here illegally since 1990. I know that he is protected under 245i because he filed a I-130 before 2001. The problem is my father was detained at the border in 1990, paid the bond and was released but he had to appear at an immigration court but never showed up because he knew he would get sent back. I know that I have to file I-130, I-485 and I-485 Supplement. My question is, is there any other forms that he needs to file since he never showed up at the court hearing.

Any help would be much appreciated


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Get a good immigration lawyer. He is probably still a fugitive, this is not a routine DIY scenario.


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Filing before 2001 generally applies to individuals residing here unlawfully and not to people who have been deported or under final order of removal. Your father is most likely a final order and I see a very difficult and long process for him to obtain LPR status.