I-140 Denial and Appeal pending How to switch employer


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my PD is May2007

-I-140 and I 485 applied in August 2007,got my advanced payroll and EAD
-I-140 was filed with Nebraska service center.Which is still showing pending status.

-I-140 got rejected in april stating no supporting documents(still it never showed rejected status on website and is still pending status)…in May MTR (I 290B)was filed…which is also pending.
-they have sent a letter stating that they have moved my case to Texas service center(for I290B, NOTICE OF APPEAL TO THE COMMISSIONER) as of May 2008.
-I filed for EAD renewal and expecting it within month.

Is there any way to switch employer without affecting my current process?
historically how long it takes to get decision on I 290B at Texas Center?
is it safe to change employer on my two year EAD?

What is the best way out,
Thanking in Advance,


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posting the same question 4x all over the place is rude, and will certainly not get you any replies


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Its posted in all relavent places.(my case is pending at two offices) just trying to get answer by any body who has similar experience/knowledge....didn't know it could offend some body....just found you only in each thread...bad luck...
thank you for your precious time for replies though...