I-131 pending- Attend mother funeral without AP/Travel abroad


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Hello Rajiv Sir,

My 485- I-131 is pending for more than 170 days now, i traveled abroad to attend mother funerals, as it was weekend i could not be able to visit the field office to get an emergency Advance parole to re enter to USA. While i am outside USA without AP, is there a way to expedite my case with USCIS to approve the I-131 to grant permission to enter USA? I have attend H1B stamping but it is under admin processing not sure how long it will take. I heard there were few exceptions under humanitarian situation.

Could you please provide your valuable inputs what are the options to work with USCIS NBC center to approve the pending I-131 to re enter to USA.



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Unless you were already on a H or L status before traveling while your AOS and AP petitions were pending, you effectively have no way of returning to continue with the pending AOS. That petition will be denied because it is considered abandoned once you left without an approved AP.


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A valid visa is required to enter the US. Unfortunately, AP is of indeterminate length and will take as long as the embassy needs.


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Talk to local US consulate/embassy in your country, explain them situation may be they might have some exceptions to let you in