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How to sign Naturalization Certificate

Discussion in 'US Citizenship' started by Pattal, Aug 23, 2008.

  1. Pattal

    Pattal Registered Users (C)

    What is the right way to sign the naturalization certificate? Can we sign it the same way we sign driver license and checks? Or we must wrights the whole name the way printed on the naturalization certificate? The signature thing is confusing!
  2. Atlanta_Brother

    Atlanta_Brother Registered Users (C)

    I have heard that recently USCIS has been asking to sign the natz certificate just the way theu sign the check book, I mean your regular good old signature. In the past applicants have been writing their first and last name in a flowing writing way. Now you take a pick, how you would like to sign the certificate.
  3. CrossHairs

    CrossHairs Registered Users (C)

    sign it EXACTLY the same as ur photo - thats the best.
  4. rick92

    rick92 Volunteer Moderator

    That is a permanent document for the rest of your LIFE... it needs to be signed formally.
  5. ucheojo1

    ucheojo1 Registered Users (C)

    Rick 92

    I agree with you.

    Its is a very important document, almost as important as your birth certificate. It need formal signature. Same thing with your passport.
  6. Atlanta_Brother

    Atlanta_Brother Registered Users (C)

    Either way is fine, doesn't matter.
  7. saf

    saf Active Member


    your signature on the certificate should be matched to your signature on the photo. Otherwise passport agency or post office will have hard time verifying your signature if you sign in a different way. but you can sign normally on it like driver license and check.. just make sure to bring your driver license to show them so they can verify it.

    TWIN TROUBLE Registered Users (C)

    According to the IO at my oath ceremony you have to sign exactly the same way you did on your photos and other documents such as N400,...and you have to sign exact same way on your passport.
  9. Atlanta_Brother

    Atlanta_Brother Registered Users (C)


    Guys guys guys, wait a minute. The signature on your photos should be same on how you will be signing your natz certificate with a flowing handwriting. The signature that you do on your passport has nothing to do with the signature on your natz certificate. You basically do your everyday signature on your passport.
    I am telling you this with my experience coz when I signed the DS-11 form at the post office, it was not the same as my natz certificate, it was my everyday routine signature that I do while signing my check book. The clerk verified everything and I had no problems.
  10. srimango

    srimango Registered Users (C)

    At the oath ceremony, you are asked to verify all the information printed in the certicate are correct. Once you agree with it, then you are asked to sign the certificate EXACTLY AS YOU SIGNED THE PHOTO DURING THE INTERVIEW. This way the signature in the photo (your certificate has your photo pasted on it) and the sign on the dotted line matches.
  11. Cybex

    Cybex Registered Users (C)

    Signinig Natz certificate

    At my oath they distributed instructions 'Proper Signature for Your Natz Certificate', which, btw, was printed on the same sheet as Oath of Allegiance. Also, I later asked IO to verify. 'You must sign your certificate in cursive, and the signature must match your name as it is printed on the certificate. Do not use initials. Sample signature: John James Smith'.

    My normal signature is my first name+ last name (in cursive). I had to sign cert as first name+middle name+last name.

    Used it already in SSA office and applied for passport. Everyone wanted to see my DL, and had no problem with neither my certificate nor my normal signature on checks which I used to pay for the service. :)
  12. Atlanta_Brother

    Atlanta_Brother Registered Users (C)

    Thank you

    See, there you go. Well said Cybex.
  13. paola81

    paola81 Registered Users (C)

    Question about signature on naturalization certicate

    I heard that there was a special way to sign the naturalization certificate. My signature the one I use all the time is a scrawl and you can't really read my name. However people say that the one in your certificate must read your full name so that you need to pretty much hand write your full name maybe in cursive so that it's readable.
    Then I also heard that you must do exactly as you did in the back of the picture but what about if I only wrote my first and last name and in my certificate it say my first, middle and last name. Which is the right way?
  14. yummyk

    yummyk Registered Users (C)

    This is a subject of endless debate. If you have already signed your photo, then my advice is to sign your natz certificate using the identical signature as you have on your photo. If you were NOT asked to sign your photos (and many people including me were not) then sign your certificate using cursive. I did the latter (again, no signature or pritning of any kind on on my photo) and it was no problem. I also signed my passport in cursive such that it matches my natz certificate.

    If you did not sign your photo, but printed your name on it, then I would again sign the natz certificate with cursive...in this case, it doesn't matter that the signatures don't match since the printing on the photo is not a real signature.

    This is my opinion only...wait for others to weigh in on this before making a final determination.
  15. Washburn27

    Washburn27 Registered Users (C)

    well, I wrote my name legibly in cursive on the photos (that's how IO wanted it), and also on the form where they make you check spelling, so that's how I'm gonna do on the nat certifiacte too: cursive legible, and not the creepy scrawlies.
    But I guess for the N445 creepy scrawly is ok, from what i seen here....

    so, again, for PP, i canNOT use my scrawl, because PP appl has to match the Nat certificate ???
    ARRRGHHH im going nuts!!!!
  16. Huracan

    Huracan Registered Users (C)

    I agree with yummyk. My rule of thumb is sign as you signed your photos. If you were not asked to sign your photos then all bets are off ;) It seems there is a transition to let people sign their regular signatures, this might apply to the certificate too. In case you haven't gone to the ceremony yet, you might ask the question there, hopefully in a way that the IO shares that with all the people.
  17. arun_parv

    arun_parv Registered Users (C)

    I normally sign my name as
    "First letter of last name followed by my first name. "
    However the N-400 instructions clearly say: "You should sign your full name without abbreviating it or using initials."
    I thus signed my full name (First, Last) on the application form...incidentally I had to do the same thing when I signed my mortgage paperwork, the attorney told me that it was common practice in the United States to sign one's full name
  18. Vorpal

    Vorpal Registered Users (C)

    You can sign the passport with your normal signature.
  19. Washburn27

    Washburn27 Registered Users (C)

    Thanks, Vorpal. by that you mean I can use the scrawl on the PP application, actual PP, or both?
    (sorry I wasn't that specific before).

    PS: I'm just thinking of the fact if the sig's on nat cert. and PP appl. have to match ???
  20. Vorpal

    Vorpal Registered Users (C)

    I signed my normal signature on the passport application. In fact, I remember asking the postal clerk whether or not I should sign my full name. He told me to sign it with my normal signature.

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