How To::: AP application for I485 adjustees

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    concurrent I485, AP & EAD ....for employment based, are all these forms sent to Nebraska service center??

    485 instructions say only about 485....but no explicit mention about AP.....and AP instructions are very cryptic.....

    please throw some light??
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    You can apply it anytime and there is no renewal. Each filing is seperate.
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    Did you get any response? please forward me as I am also having similar dilemma. Any help would be highly appreciated.
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    AP receipt notice not received

    I applied for AP for myself and my wife together electronically.
    I received an receipt notice for myself in 2 weeks. It has been around 4 weeks and I have not recieved a notice for my wife.
    Is there any way that I can find out whether the receipt notice is send or not?
    where can i enquire about this with USCIS.

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    Request for Initial Evidence (I-485)

    Has anyone had this problem? I am the joint sponsor (household member) of my son's candian wife. We submitted all forms I-130, I-693, I-485, 325A,
    I-864 and I-864A, along with payments (checks cashed), pictures, marriage certificate, passports and all of my household documents, w2s, TAX forms and last 6 months of earnings. We recieved all receiceipts I-797s showing we sent these forms. We jsut received a yellow form requesting documentation for my W2s, taxes etx. What gives. We sent everything to the Chicgo Lock box as directed. Now, they want these forms sent again saying they don't have initial evidence?? Did they loose it? It now must be sent to Lee Summit, MO. Can someone help?? thanks :(
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    Did anybody in this forum travel overseas with AP, being pending I-485, under 245-i [30APR01]?
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    Travelling in H1 visa when I-485 is pending

    You have told that H1 visa holders need not apply for AP, when I-485 is pending. I'm H1 Visa holder & my wife is in H4. We want to travel to India in 3 weeks ,and our I-485 is yet to be approved. Should we apply for Advance Parole? Please reply back. Thank you for your time.
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    Iam in the same boat, iam on H1B and wife on H4 and our 485 is pending with USCIS. need to travel to india for 2 months....can u advice if i need to get AP for both if so how long does it normally take to get teh AP.

    since you went through the same phase, iam assuming you would have figured out something by now.

    please share your experience. truly appreciate any help from you or any one else for that matter.



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