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Discussion in 'Any Topic' started by marksign, Apr 28, 2010.

  1. marksign

    marksign New Member


    This is Mark Signature. I am new to this forum and looking for informative discussion with senior members. I would also like to share my vies and ideas about any topic.
  2. Davidmark

    Davidmark New Member

    Hello I m David Mark from New York , 20 years old. I m new to this forum. I m here to get the assistance of senior members and I also would like to share my ideas and some useful information. I hope all of you would like my presence here.
  3. Tyla753

    Tyla753 Banned

    Hey, I'm not a senior member of this forum, but I'd be happy to discuss immigration with you. I'm rather engaged in the immigration issue. What is your opinion of SB1070 in AZ?
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  4. Braodmathew

    Braodmathew Banned

    Hi I m Broad Mathew form USA I m new to this forum. I am here to share some interesting information and I also want solution of my problems.
  5. EloiseJoseph

    EloiseJoseph Banned

    I m Eloise Joseph new to this forum I hope I will enjoy my presence here and also all of u would like my ideas which I want to share.
  6. josephwright12

    josephwright12 Registered Users (C)

    hello and welcome to the forum...Keep contributing to the forum.
  7. Joshualumb

    Joshualumb New Member

    Hi it’s me Joshua Lumb new to this forum. This forum looks like a great place.
  8. Sarapaul

    Sarapaul New Member

    Hi I m Sara Paul and I just have joined this forum. This forum is an excellent place for making new friends and for useful information. I m very happy after joining this.
  9. Scottcharlie

    Scottcharlie New Member

    Hi I m Scott Charlie and new to this forum. I m very happy after joining this. This forum is one of my favorite forums.
  10. sunnysan.tom

    sunnysan.tom New Member

    Hiiiii everybody, this is sunny new to this forum.Keep contributing to the forum.:)
  11. GLM

    GLM Registered Users (C)

    great job. keep it going.
  12. williams22

    williams22 Registered Users (C)

    Hope to see some thoughts from your end too !

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