H1B Stamping/Processing Question!


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I am planning to stamp my H1-B in India.

I need to travel asap as i don't have the time to make an appointment (need draft and receipt no etc..) from US.

Question: Is it okay if i make an appointment (inclusive draft etc..) from India for the visa stamping? Do you see any issues with that or not?

If i am making an appt. from India, I have to follow the same process (vfs web site etc..) for making an appt which we do it while staying in US or the proceess will differ?

Please advice!

to book an appointment with the VFS the u will have to take the Demanddraft with the HDFC bank first and then get it activated. I guess u will have to wait for 48hrs to get the activation and then u got to book ur slots.

the proceedure is the same whether u book the slots from USA or india.

hope my answer helps.