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  • I am President & CEO-Parahard Management Reporting Corporation in India.(my Proprietary Concern since 1989.)

    I am holder of USA B1/B2 Visa since 2004.

    I visited USA in 2005 & 2007.

    Ours is A Consulting Organization (with 20 team consultants )to develop Management Reporting Tools.

    We wish to depute me as a President of new proposed joint venture partnership firm in USA to market our Products.

    Our Professional Fees Receipt is INR 2.00 Millions for F.Y. 2007-2008.

    My questions:

    1. Whether we, as Organization, are eligible to file L1 A petition for Our President & CEO (Proprietor) with L2 petition for his Spouse?

    2. Chances of getting our petition approved and renewed after one year?

    3. If our partners in new proposed Company in USA are H1B visa holder, whether we can form a joint venture partnership with them?

    4. Can Law Office of Mr. Rajiv Khanna provide us services as our Attorney?

    Bharat Gandhi
    Hi Uma,

    I want to find an H1 visa sponsor to extend my visa and revalidate it.

    Now can help me with some sponsor and employers. mail me at sanjay645@live.com

    I am madhuri ... i am working in columbus ... before 9 months i joined one of the big clients through my employer .... before giving my salary my employer had send an agreement and asked me to sign it and fax it ... he also told me that if i don't sign the document and send he will not pay me .... so i signed the documnet and send it to him .....

    My employer is not giving me insurance, he is paying some amount to me and asked me to take individual insurance.

    After 9 months i have taken permanent position from the same client .... now he is making big mess of it .... he is saying that i have break the bond before three months ..... and he is also saying that i am not supposed to join the same client .... i asked my vendor he told that he don't have any problem if i joined the client....

    But my employer is saying i joined his client ... i dont under stand how my current employer (client ) can be his direct client ....becos their is one more layer in between ....it is my vendor .... when my vendor don't have any problem why my employer is having trouble ....

    Daily he is calling me and harassing me and he even told that he will send sherif to my client place with court notice ..... i am attaching the bond which i have signed

    Please let me know if that bond causes any problem ....

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