H1 Revalidation -Temporary Refusal -Help needed

Hi all,
My H1 revalidation application was returned to me due to the photograph not being of the type required by them.
If I have to resend my application what all do I have to send?
I am going to send my
- passport , 2 Forms, Letter from Employer
Do I need to send the fee again that is 75$ and 45$. I had sent Money order and have no copy or proof of payment.



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Send the money again...

to be on the safer side again. If those people have any conscience they might return your money orders (yeah like that is going to happen)


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I94 Departure card in passport along with H1b visa expired

  My I94 card along with H1B Visa expired at the end of March 02 but applied for H1B extension starting of Jan 02 and go letter from INS in 3 days after sending them my H1 Ext application saying they recieved my H1 ext Petition and will process my case. So can i stay back in country with no problem.