H-1 Quota, Not just 1 April, but upto 5 April and it may last a lot longer

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    Some folks are predicting that H-1 quota may last a lot longer than just April.

    Remember also, if there is a lottery, ALL cases received by and including 5 April will be included in the lottery. As the regulation 8 CFR §214.2(h)(8)(ii)(B) states:

    If the final receipt date is any of the first five business days on which petitions subject to the applicable numerical limit may be received (i.e., if the numerical limit is reached on any one of the first five business days that filings can be made), USCIS will randomly apply all of the numbers among the petitions received on any of those five business days, conducting the random selection among the petitions subject to the exemption under section 214(g)(5)(C) of the Act first.

    So, all five days will have "equal dignity."​


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