Getting H1 Visa Stamp in Canada (or Mexico)

Getting H1 Visa Stamp from Canada (or Mexico)

Has anyone had any experience (good or bad) obtaining an H1 visa from Canada after April 1, 2002. Before this date, you could re-enter the US within 30 days even if you were denied the H1 visa in Canada but if you met certain criteria.

(For those of you who are not aware of this change, see:
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Yes I had been in to toronto first week of April,Khalid if you have all the documents ready.Need not to worry...There is not much crwod and very simple process.They are giving back your passport same day at 3pm...
Good luck

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Tony99, would you please give more details?

Would you mind answering the following Q\'s?
1. Is this your first H1 or renewal?
2. Did you have H1 stamp in the passport before?
3. How long ago did you take the interview appt?
4. What questions they asked at the interview?
5. What all documents they asked you to show?
6. Did you fly or drive to Canada?
7. What Q\'s were asked at POE?

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Congrats on getting the visa. Did you think about what would have happened if they had denied the visa?

Did anyone have an H-1 visa denial in Canada or Mexico after April 1?

Went to mexico and got the visa stamping

My friend and I went to get Visa stamping in mexico on May 3rd 2002 and we got it. We were on H-1 and there 2 other indians who came for F-1 stamping. Everybody got the visa. If all the documents are there then no problem at all.
regarding visa stamping in canada or mexico

Hi friends,
Iam a H4 visa holder & my husband is H1.WE got our visa extenson till 2004 but not yet get stamped on passports. now we planned to make a trip to canada for summer.Is it possible that we can get out passport stamped before 3rd weeek of this month?if we go to mexico for stamping, how many days befor we have to make appointment for that? or directly we can go for it?can we complete visa stamping in a single day?do u heard about any visa denial in mexico?would u mind helping me?


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you can get the appointment more than 30 days before (in some consulates upto 90days). 2 weeks might not be enough lead time for an appointment.
Documents for Visa validation in Mexico

I am planning to go to ElPaso Mexico to get multiple entry visa stamp on my passport. What all documents I need. and what specific document do they look for? I am on valid H1 visa.
Documents to carry for H1 multiple entry visa

You need the following documents:
I-797 (original)
copy of I-129
copy of LCA
Letter from the employer
atleast 3 recent pay stubs
Degree certificates
PT card
D156 and D157
Two passport size photos
w-2 form
Tax returns