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Dear Sir,
I'd like to know your opinion about my CaseNumber and my situation, if it is possible and I don't disturb you.
I am a dv lottery selected of 2020. I am from Italy. My embassy , in Naples, closed first days of March because of Covid19.
Now situation is getting better and probably for May we could set to lift lockdown measures.
My cn is 27xxx , I received my confirmation email about documents on 13 March and I am current from last VB, that arrived at 30xxx.
I should receive my 2nl in April for June interview. But because of Covid, now I don't know what I should expect. For the moment my embassy is still closed and when they reopen they have to scheduling April and May interview before of mine. (total of person are 15). So could they scheduling all in one month? Should I expect to receive my 2nl still in April from KCC? I know that they didn't send not even those of May. Do you think still I have a possibility to make my interview and get my GC?
Thanks in advance if you will take time to answer me, I'd like to have an opinion by an immigration lawyer as you are.
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