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Discussion in 'Family Based Green Card -Through Marriage/Relative' started by JohnnyCash, Jul 19, 2005.

  1. sanket_82

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    I guess in that case I should prepare 2 separate packages each consisting of I-130, I-485, I-864, Fees, photos, all supporting documents and mail them out in 1 box. Hmmmm.....
  2. sanket_82

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    I am filing adjustment of status for my parents. What do I provide as evidence of eligibility? My birth certificate which has their names on it and copy of my US passport?
  3. newacct

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    See I-130 instructions. For the mother, your birth certificate is enough for proving the relationship; for the father, you need both your birth certificate and their marriage certificate. For proving your US citizenship, one of the following: US passport, or birth certificate if you were born in the US, or certificate of naturalization if you were naturalized.
  4. sanket_82

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    My apologies for asking incomplete question. Do I need to add a copy of my US passport and my birth certificate along with I-485?

    For fees, do I need to send in 1 single check of $1490 or I need to put in 2 separate checks of $1070 (985 + 85) and $420?
  5. newacct

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    One for $420 and one for $1070. That's if you file before Dec 23; afterwards it's going to be $535 and $1225.
  6. sanket_82

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    Thanks for your help.

    One more questions - Form g-325a is asking for my parent's parents date of births. My parents do not remember their parents DOB. What can be done in this case? Can I leave it blank?
  7. sanket_82

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    Is there a place here where I can see what the processing timeline is for AOS for Newark, NJ.
  8. Todor Papazov

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    Hello Guys,

    My Brother is US Citizen and he petition our mother for green card. She received the IR5 immigration visa. She entered USA August 20 2016 but she did not receive her green card yet. Our mother wants to travel back to our home country but she still don not have her green card. She has stamped passport saying ARC and her IV is valid through February 2017. We asked USPS and USCIS and it seems that her green card was issued but it wasn't delivered because we didn't put her name in the mailbox. The question is can she travel now and come back safely?

    Sorry if this has been asking or this is not the right place.
  9. newacct

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    Yes. She became a permanent resident the moment she entered and she can leave at any time. Her immigrant visa stamped upon entry automatically turned into a green card valid for one year from the date of entry (i.e. valid until August 20, 2017).
  10. sanket_82

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    I am a US citizen and am filing for AOS for both of my parents. Do I need to file form G325A, along with I-130, I-485 and I-864?
  11. newacct

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    I-485 requires G-325A.
  12. sanket_82

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    The problem here is - my grand parents were born somewhere in 1920's in some rural village and there was no proper documentation practice at that time in India. Also both are deceased decades ago. Can I write "UNKNOWN" under DOB section and "DECEASED" under place of birth section?

    Any guidance will be appreciated.
  13. newacct

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    You would put Unknown for both date of birth and place of birth. You can put Deceased for place of residence.
  14. sanket_82

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    I did send in my parents application in 2 separate envelopes with their names and contents written on the envelope. Than I put these 2 envelopes in USPS box and shipped to Chicago lock box. I've received 2 receipts (I-130 and I-485) for my dad but nothing on my mom. Also USCIS have only deducted money for 1 application.

    What can be done in this case? I've had bad experience with USCIS customer service as they only read what is online.

    I do have USPS return receipt as a proof of delivery.
  15. Aayitrun

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    If new legislation proposed by Cotton and Purdue passes to remove the IR5 category (parents of USC), what happens to change of status (i130+i485) petitions in progress?
  16. yxmaimmig

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    I support my parents for green card application.

    After I submit the I-130, I485, I864(with my three year of tax return).

    Why do they ask me for extra supporting financial document for I-485.

    I have already submitted my 3 years of tax return, they still ask for my 12 months of bank statement, 6 month of pay stubs, and employment history and explanation, my asset certificate etc.

    Does the immigration change the rule?

  17. newacct

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    What matters is the current (i..e right now) income. Not your income in the last year. Past years' tax returns do not prove current income. Pay stubs and/or employment letter prove current income. Past years' tax returns is a separate requirement that is not related to current income.
  18. yxmaimmig

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    I file all the files at the beginning of 2017, so all the materials are updated.

    Is it normal that USCIS is asking you so many financial information to support I-485? I just wonder if it is related to the new rule by the new administration. Since I have already submitted 3 years of my tax return to them. Does USCIS under Trump put more strict rule on family sponsored green card?
  19. davepatrick2000

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    Is there any tracker which tracks progress of case filed for I-130 & 485 for family based GC, showing Time-line for each case.
    I remember earlier for Emplyment based GC there used to be comprehensive excel but quick search didnot find me anything for family based GC .

    Thx in advance.
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