Foreign degree education eualuation- Bachelor+Master can not be combined into 1 Bachelors degree


I’m a Canadian with a 3 year BSc (Economics, Mathematics and Computer Sc.) and Masters in Computer Application (MCA-6 semesters) degree. My both degrees are from a well reputed university from India. I got my both degrees evaluation equivalent to a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Application in US. My evaluation was done by one of agency from Naces list.

However, my TN visa got denied two times at POE(under Computer System Analyst category) stating the reason that I am not eligible for TN visa as my two degrees can not be combined to show the equivalency of Bachelors degree in US. My Bachelors alone from India has to be equivalent to US Bachelors(3 OR 4 Years).

Does anyone have any thoughts/input on it if it was a valid reason to deny my visa?

Any advice is highly appreciated.



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So, your Indian bachelor's degree, on its own, was not deemed equivalent to a US bachelors degree? Did you get an evaluation for the Bachelor's alone?
I didn’t get the evaluation of my Bachelor degree (from india) so far. It was combined master + Bachelor = Bachelor degree of US/ Canada​
The officer said that the education requirement for TN visa is a Canada/US equivalent of (1) Bachelor’s degree OR (2) Post‐Secondary Diploma OR (3) Post-Secondary Certificate in Computer Science. They can’t use the combination of BS+ MS to show equivalency to 4 years Bachelor’s degre​

So, the officer said that If I Can get an evaluation document which shows my Bachelor degree alone equal to any of 3 above qualifications then they can issue me visa.


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Get your bachelor's degree evaluated on its own. If it fails, it would appear that you will not be getting TN under CSA.

CSA does have allowance for a post-secondary certificate but, in any event, that post-sec cert/diploma MUST -- MUST -- be from North America, not a foreign cert equivalence to a US cert.

Just another question, You mention that you were denied twice. Does that mean you tried to get a TN after a denial, without changing your evidence? That would never be a wise course.
Thanks Nelsona for your advise.

Actually, first time my education evaluation was from non naces agency but second time I got it done from a naces member.

I have ordered my education evaluation to university of Toronto as advised by POE officers.