FAQs about Asylee Green Card Process & Other things.


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Thank you for all these helpful information.

I have couple basic questions and hope to get some clarification:

1. LUD: You posted the difination of "LUD = Last Update Date on your on-line portfolio at USCIS web-site. It is the date when they last took action on your application, could be anything".

Then how do I find out my case on-line portfolio? Do I have to register for it?

2. USCIS timeline: From reading the forum I am surprised to find out the processing timeline is so different among people. For example someone got asylum grant in 1999 is still waiting for GC, but someone in 2003 has received GC. How could that be? The only reason I am asking is that the timeline posted on USCIS website is still Feb. 2001, I almost lost my hope on my GC until I found this website. I thought I have to wait for years and years. From a realistic standpoint, do I have to wait a long time? Or it is really case by case.

Thank you very much,



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Thank you very much. I just registered on the website so I can see my LUD now. Unfortunately my current LUD is still the same with last time in Jan. 06. I have no choice but to be patient. Thanks again.
Should I Cancel Our Asylum Case??

My wife applied asylum in 1999 and received conditional approval next year.
With EAD, I found a new job and my company agreed to apply employment-base green card for me.
Our employment base I-140/I-485 was submitted in 10/03.
Our final asylum granted in 05/05.
We didn’t submit the asylum-base I-485 after 05/06.
In 09/06, our employment-base I-485 was approved.
Now we got a question here, do we need to cancel our asylum case? If so, how to cancel our case??
Any help would be appreciated.

Asylum Conditional Granted: 02/00
Employment base I-140/I-485 RD: 10/03
Employment base I-140 Approved: 01/04
Asylum Granted: 05/05
Employment base I-485 Approved: 09/06


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I-485 doubts

I need you help please

I was granted asylum on 2003.

I submitted my I-485 on august 2005.

although application was submitted to nebraska the receipt came from texas(did this happen to any of you).the receipt date is august 2005.

but the receipt is different.it says the following:

if this receipt is for I-90, I485, I698 the following step is to have your biometrics taken at Uscis ASC.please call this number to schedule your appointement.I called and scheduled,and i had my FP and pictures taken on october 2005.when i check my status online the last update is oct 2005.

I just discovered yesterday that i sent form G-325 insted of G-325a.

I didn't send my medical yet.

I wanna know what should i do know. my biometrics is about to expired i heard that fp is valid for only one year.

should i sent the right form G-325a now or wait until they ask for it?

did anyone receive a receipt like mine asking to call to schedule for biometrics?

I appreciate all you inputs.waitng for yoru replies .thanks


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can any body tell me this? when I check my status last week on November 7 it said we sent you welcome notice if you didn't recive with 30 days please contact as, another one on november 9th it'said you are approved we sent u a notice.. what is that means is that a green card? how long it takes to get my green card please help me this I can't sleep I have been waiting this for 13 years

thank you


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ccordova624 said:
I have the same UD in my online portfolio... What's your TIMELINE?

How will USCIS notice me that they have my I-485 application

And also, how can i create online portfolio, to know what`s going on with my apllication?


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Wating for Green Card

Hi, I am a derivative asylee, and the main aplicant is my father. He recieved his green card 2 months ago, then my mother a week later, then my youngest sister (14) the same week. Myself (21) and my other sister (18) still haven't recieved the Green Card to this day and the fact that they are taking so long to send the GC makes me feel uneasy. When the I-485 was submitted, I was under 21 and my sister was under 18, so the attorney said it would be fine. Any Ideas? maybe Nuc pro tunc stuff? I know nothing about it, but I feel I may have to..

THank you,



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I'v been waiting for almost 7 Years for my GC

My asylum was approved on Jan 1998 and i applied for I-485 on may of 2000 at NSC. As of now all i get from USCIS is that my case is going for back ground check ( i get this answer for like 2 years). My LUD just changed on 1/15/2007. i did BIO last may . so what should i do ? i am getting realy frustrated :mad: . What can i do or Should i do at this point. Please give me some advice.
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That's amazing! Mine wasn't that quick but still rather awsome. I got mine approved yesterday, which is a huge weight lifted off my shoulders.

Jan 17, 2006 - Applied for GC
Jan 24, 2006 - Receipt notice and request for health check up
Feb 24, 2006 - Biometrics (code 3) notice
Then, NOTHING for over a year
March 14, 2006 - GC ordered

Hopefully, it should get here shortly.

This was the fastest AOS I have experienced in the TSC.
I-485 after 1 year as an Asylee

Dec 30 2005 --- Receipt Notice (I-485)
Jan 20 2006 --- Biometrics and finger print Appointment
Jan 28 2006 --- Notice of cases approved
February 07 2006 ---- GC were mailed
February 09 2006 Green Cards were received.

** This was the case for 3 asylees (Ages 9, 9, and 5)
** The principal applicant and the spouse cases are still pending.

(Less than 2 months for asylee AOS for 3 minors)


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need help

my asylum was approved in January 2007 and I got a work authorization card and a new I-94 cards immediately
I was supposed to change my social security number but I want to do that in may, does it make any difference when I change my social security number whether immediately after I get the approval for my asylum or after few months? by the way I'm not working yet
I also have another question
since I haven't changed my social security number yet and I'm not working yet so if I change it at the begining of May will that affect my taxes situation?
I'm really confused about this and I desperately need someone to clarify these things for me please as soon as possible.

thank you very much for your help



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i got it from asylum office and the I94 was with the aproval papers and the work authorization card was mailed to me after few days


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Brothers and sisters I need your help here. I was granted asylum on august 2003, filed my I-485 and got a receipt date of 10th june 2005. My case transfered to TCS on jan 19th 2006, requested for initial evidence[medical exam] on 27th feb 2006 and submitted it early march 2006. I then got the finger prints done on April 14th 2006. Nothing happens for about an year and three month but this month june 11th they mailed back my medical exam form stating its missing some information. I had a TB vaccination while a kid and all skin test shows positive and so the doctor went ahead and did the X-ray which was clear and marked nothing on the skin test spot. I talked to the doctor but I am not sure if I should repeat the whole exam or not. My other question when I received that mail there was a yellow/orange sheet with my receipt and alien numbers and an officer number and another one that looks like a date in Sep. That sheet is supposed to be on top of the return mail after I straighten up everything. Does anyone out there know whats the mystery about it and generally whats is your advice as I know there are those of you with more knowledge that can share? Also will I need to do another fingerprint or that earlier one was all they have you do? Thanks a lot.
hello. i'm a derivative of my parents. how long would i wait for my green card?
my parents have been here for 13 years now. they were granted asylum in 2002. and they both submitted the form i-485 in may 2003. and then were asked to submit evidence. they submitted the evidence being needed and the nebraska service center recieved it in december 16, 2005(On December 16, 2005, we received your response to our request for evidence. We will notify you by mail when we make a decision or if we need something from you. If you move while this case is pending, call customer service. You should expect to receive a written decision or written update within 60 days of the date we received your response unless fingerprint processing or an interview are standard parts of case processing and have not yet been completed, in which case you can use our processing dates to estimate when this case will be done. This case is at our NEBRASKA SERVICE CENTER location. Follow the link below to check processing dates. You can also receive automatic e-mail updates as we process your case. Just follow the link below to register.) then they did the biometrics. i just came here recently march 31,2007. then i had a medical and vacination then submtted it july 23. the lawyer said that she will just use the time spent here by my parent so i woulnd stay here for i a year so that i can apply. she said she'll just include my application along with my parents so that we would recieve our green cards all together.

my question is do you have any idea when will we recieve our green cards or any notices?
do i have to have a biometrics?
we'd like to know. cuz we dont know this kinda stuff. green card =/


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Received Notice of Intent to Deny from USCIS


Dear Forum,

Yesterday my attorney received a notice of intent to deny Asylee Adjustment of Status Application based on section 212(a)(3)(b)(vi)(III). They gave 30 days for my attorney to respond with evidence that would overcome the potential denial.

Section 213(a)(3)(b)(Vi)(III) as amended by the REAL ID Act of 2005, describes an alien who is inadmissible and states in pertinent part: Any alien who...(VI) is a member of a terrorist organization described in clause (vi)(iii), unless the alien can demonstrate by clear and convincing evidence that the alien did not know, and should not have known, that the organization was terrorist organization is inadmissible.

I am from the Niger-Delta of Nigeria and belong to the Urhobo ethnic group and we have no ties to terrorism. Our ethnic group has only being involved in confrontations which at times resulted in violence with other predominant ethnic groups in the Delta Region from conflicting land ownership claims and the allocation of local government headquatetrs. The main activity of our group is to help provide basic social infrastructure for our communities who inhabit the delta region.

USCIS requested a dated and signed statement from me indiacting the nature of the organization and whether it has participated in any violent activities of any kind. CIS also indicated that they are aware of information that suggests these kinds of groups may have been involved in violent activities in Nigeria.\

According to my research, CIS can term any group of one or two people to be an undesignated terrorist organization even if it is not designated by the State Department. However there exists certain exemptions that can be granted to a person who belong to an undesignated terrorist group as indicated by the service.

I was granted asylum back in 2003 based on the persecution I suffered from members of other ethnic groups. Every information was available to CIS when I was granted asylum.

I am confused and I need advise. Do anyone know about NOID. Do you think when uscis issues NOID, can the case be approved if enough information is provided.

Thanks for your response.


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My question is about filing for adjustment of status (GC). One of the required documents listed on the USCIS site is either a letter granting my asylum, or the original I-94. I have neither. The I-94 was surrendered to the IO when I took my first trip out of the country, and I can't find that letter anywhere. What should I do? :confused:
by cadel
"The most important is code 1 which means Fingerprint.This is for your background check purpose,part of your application process.Uscis collects your fingerprints and send them to FBI for screenning.FBI does the job and send the result to uscis.Once you're done with medical and biographic,you may get approved from day to another one.Then you receive an approval notice.That means,code 1 is done necessary before an approval.Code 2(Digtal photo and signature+ index print) is only for GC production.You may do it before or after approval.This depends on how the I.O on charge of your case works.If you do code 2 before an approval,your card is produced as soon you get approved and you get it in 3-4 days.If you don't,uscis will schedule you for one and then they can be able to produce your card.Code 3 is when you do the 1 and the 2 at the same time.Code 3 is necessary done before an approval."

"SRC - Cases that filed @TSC (Texas)
LIN - Cases that filed @NSC (Nebraska)
EAC - Cases that filed @VSC (Vermont)
WAC - Cases that filed @CSC (California)"

"The first two numbers is the fiscal year of application. The next three are the number of days in the year. And the last numbers are just consecutive numbers.
For example if I applied on January, 26 2006. I will get: LIN-06-026-xxxxx"

should I consider myself ND 2006 or ND 2005? I kind of liked being ND 2005 !

You are ND2006. Because you applied on Nov-2005. And Fiscal year 2006 is from Oct-01-2005 to Sep-30-2006"

by LolaLi
You calculate your citizenship eligibility date as follows: 'Resident since' date on GC + 5 years - 90 days.

So for example: You got your GC on Jan. 10 2005. Your GC should have been backdated so that the 'resident since' date reads Jan. 10 2004.

Jan. 10 2004 + 5 years (Jan. 10 2009) - 90 days = Oct. 15 2008

*The person would be eligible to file N-400 on or after Oct. 15 2008.

Hope that helps.
ok so when it says in the letter,

"You have been scheduled to appear at the below USCIS Application Support Center to be fingerprinted and Photographed during the 14-day period specified below. Completion of background identity and security checks is required in order to process your application" that's code 1 and 2 correct?

so does it mean that your going to get approved? or am i wrong?
Petty Theft by an asylee


Can you please give me some advise on this issue?
I was granted asylum in September, 2008. I have approved relative petition on March, 2009. I was ticketed for petty theft ($150) in this April, and have a court hearing on June. I have a clean record, no previous history at all. How would this effect on my status and on my petition. And what should i do in court plead guilty or not?

My email is hi-liter@mail.ru

Thanks in advance!!!


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Can you please give me some advise on this issue?
I was granted asylum in September, 2008. I have approved relative petition on March, 2009. I was ticketed for petty theft ($150) in this April, and have a court hearing on June. I have a clean record, no previous history at all. How would this effect on my status and on my petition. And what should i do in court plead guilty or not?

My email is hi-liter@mail.ru

Thanks in advance!!!
It should not affect your asylee status, as you would have to commit to some more serious trouble before they terminate your asylee status, and then put you in removal proceedings.

While this would not be a problem for now, in your citizenship review, that might come up as a factor for good moral character.
Asylee to Permanent Resident


My sister and I both arrived in the U.S. over 15 years ago. We were granted asylum the following year, but never followed up to obtain our Green Cards a year later (we were minors then in care of adults who failed to follow up).

In 2006/07, I finally filed for and received my Green Card through marriage. My sister, on-the-other hand, still maintains her Asylee status. She is an unmarried student in Med School. Given the one year time frame for Asylee's to file for and obtain their Green Cards, what are the setbacks of finally filing now in terms of my sister's status?

Note: The imminent danger that was present 15 years ago is still present should she attempt to return to our country. So, my true inquiry is...will there be any reason not to grant her a Green Card should she choose to finally proceed to file based on her Asylee status?

Thank you.