Extended stay ... citizenship timeframe


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I am Green card holder since May 2009. Due to family medical emergency reasons had to stay out of US for 2.5 years (Feb 2010 to Aug 2012) without taking advance payroll. Visited US in between once for 3 weeks. Continued to maintain US banking accounts, US credit card usage & US tax filling during this time.

Returned back to US in Oct 2012 with permanent job in US. At immigration when I came back showing GC the officer explained that I should have applied for 'advance payroll' however let me come into US with any other issues. Since then have stayed in US.

Question - Can i apply for citizenship 5 years from my original GC issue date of May 2009 ?
OR Does the 4 years & 1 day rule apply to me starting Oct 2012 ?
Please advice.