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Discussion in 'Employment Information' started by brian1234, Feb 7, 2015.

  1. brian1234

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    My employment pass application got rejected initially with some incomplete information submitted to MOM due to a HR error. The employer re appealed again with MOM for EP for me with some clarification and documentation to justify my application. Even on second time it got rejected for unknown reason.

    Is there any chance for MOM to approve my Employment pass again if the employer applies it again. ?

    Is there any time period for reapplying employment pass in singapore ?

    What may be the reason why my application got rejected.
  2. bellathomas

    bellathomas New Member

    It's very possible that even with the correct details you don't meet the requirements.
  3. lance_vance

    lance_vance New Member

    You can appeal for Rejection. If your documents are legal and correct. You must get it.
  4. bellathomas

    bellathomas New Member

    Well , My friend got employment pass, He also got rejected for the first time, But then he consult a Immigration company and then he put appeal for his rejection and finally he got employment pass. Here is the link employment pass in singapore I hope they help you too.
  5. lance_vance

    lance_vance New Member

    @bella thomas Your link is very helpful , Thanks
  6. brian1234

    brian1234 New Member

    Thanks for your help. I will talk to them. Lets see may be i will got employment pass.
  7. Webdesignt

    Webdesignt New Member

    Yeah i'd ensure that time is best spent checking the requirements are met IMO.

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