EAD I-765 (C10) based on EOIR 42B-COR


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The Context:
Form: I-765 - Application for EAD
Form Category: Cancellation of Removal (Non NACARA)
EAD Code: (c)(10)
Field Office/Service Center: NBC

USCIS website says: 12 Months with 80% of cases are completed within
Some People said: 60-80 Days
Some People said: 3 to 6 months minimum and 3 to 8 or 11 months maximum

The Question is:
A) How long is the average processing timeline for EAD?
B) Can you please share your timeline journey how long it took to get your First Time Initial EAD like Filing date & month to Receive Date & Month?
C) When should I get renewed After getting the Initial EAD?
D) Is it possible to make request for Expediting EAD as the Initial First Timer Applicant?
E) Any Automatic Extension Eligibility would work in this situation or any in future?

Thanks a lot.
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