EAD/AP (paper based) cover letter and checklist...


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Paper based AP (I-131)


I am filing paper based AP (I-131).

Need to know to which address I should send the application and the supporting documents to ? Chicago Lock Box OR where I originally filed my family based I-485 in 2002.

Thanks in advance,
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I am also renewing my AP can you pls tell me what all documents have you prepared for AP renewal along with the fees and AP I131 form that would be a great help


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For AP the documents you need to send are:

• 2 photos which fits INS requirement with A# and name written with pencil on back.
• A check/money order $170.00 for I-131 fee
• I-131 Application
• I130/I140 approval notice.....
• A copy of Form I-94 Departure Record (front and back)
• A copy of I-485 Receipt Notice
• A letter explaining the reason to grant you AP.
• A copy of last EAD (front and back)
• A color copy of driver’s license (front and back) or a copy of passport front page showing date of birth and photo.
• Marriage Cetificate
• Employment Letter



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Have you received your EAD?

Have you received your EAD?
how long did it take after check cleared?
Where did you send? efile/paper?

Thank you

Endless_Wait said:
I did not receive any EAD receipt yet! Do they send it all? I am concerned that if i goofed up in my EAD filing, i'll have to to take a long long vacation.
Guys, please share your receipt experience. If you got it at all? and how long did it take?
Thanks in advance.


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estimate time for EAD & AP?

Hi anyone know the estimate time for EAD (e-filed, sent supporting document by certified priority mail at the same day, not schedule for bio appointment yet, should i make the appointment immediately even though my EAD expire in end of Feb?) & AP (paper filed to LA district office where my I-485 is pending)? thanx.


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Before how many days of expiry we can file for EAD/PAROLE renewal? answer would be very well appreciated.



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Thanks for your guys' help. I would like to share this with you all:

AP paper application sent 12/9/05 to CSC P.O. Box 10485
Recpt Notice Rcvd 12/16/05

Check returned with Recpt no.


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AP e-filed renewal


I efiled my AP renewal. While sending the support documentation for me any my dependants, should it be in the same envelope or different envelopes?

Thanks in advance


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AP Filing-Need Help!!

Hello gurus
Sending my AP application

1. Do we have to include copy of the driver's licence if you have provided a copy of the front pages of passport
2. Do we have to send marriage cert or birth cert?
3. Do we need an employment letter?
4. For Nebraska where do we have to mail the application?
5. I have H1B valid till 4/06 and will be extending soon(so I will be maintaining H1B status) and for my last entry used AP so should I put class of admission as "AOS Pending" or "H1B". For EAD renewal attorney has put status as "I485 Pending" but AP I am filing on my own.
6. Will the below docs be enough or do I need to send more

I have prepared the following docs

1. I131 form
2. Check in the amnt of $170.00
3. Color copy of EAD
4. Marriage certificate
5. I94 front and back copies
6. Colored copy of last AP approval notice
7. Copy of I140 approval notice
8. Copy of I485 receipt notice
9. My latest H1B approval notice
10. Copy of passport page with picture on it
11. Passport photos
12. Cover letter

Appreciate your replies


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Where to file...mailing address?

I am filing a renewal EAD for my wife. Her application is I485 pending dependant on my I485 (pending). I am doing paper filing. Need to know from you guys which address to send the application to?? I am an Illinois resident. On the first page of I-765 they mentioned address has changed? And they are having a PO Box with Chicago address. Should i send Chicago PO Box address or to the Lincoln, NE service center address where i sent last time



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EAD Renewal Question

I am going to renew my EAD. My question is do I have to pay $70 biometric fee this time also? I already did figerprinting during my first EAD/AP/I-485 filing.



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EAD renewal


I wanted to renew my EAD and wanted to do it by paper based instead of efiling. The reason is I donot want to go to INS office to take my digital photos. I went to uscis.gov site to download the ead paper based form but the form is not opening and got the message that file is damaged.

Now my questions is where I can get the form for Paper based EAD renewal and what are the supporting doc’s I should send and where to send my I-485 case is filed in Nebraska service center.
Your help is greatly appreciated.



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Hi Friends,

I am planning to apply for 2nd EAD shortly. My first EAD was approved before we gave the fingerprints, so EAD card has a black box saying "No fingerprints available".

When I do the 2nd EAD renewal, should I give/pay/schedule another fingerprint.

Thanks for your response


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Urgent.what is the address to send the EAD renewal doc's


Could anyone pl let me know what address I have to send my 3 rd EAD RENEWAL documents.My 485 is pending in Nebrasks service center.
Your help is greatly appriciated..