EAD/AP (paper based) cover letter and checklist...


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husband-wife AP applications in the same envelop?

I need to file our AP paper applications. Can I fedex/express mail my wife's and my application with the docs in the same envelop or does it have to be two separate fedex mailings? Thanks a lot for your help and good luck to all!


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Color Photocopy


The first page contains a checklist of documents required for EAD/AP application.

I noticed that it mentions color photocopies instead of regular black and white ones.

• Color Copy of driver’s license;
• Color copy of passport’s biographic page;

Are color photocopies really necessary? Anyone with experience with black and white photocopies for the above documents?



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• Copy of Form I-94 departure record (front and back)

I am reading the instruction of filing EAD. The above is one of the documents listed.

Is this the white I-94 one got when entering the US? Or is this the latest approval of a non-immigrant status, H-1 or H-4?

For someone who has not gone out of the US after the initial entrance, but has changed status, which one should one send with EAD application? Thanks.

I am planning to send both


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i am hoping someone can help me with this question i am pondering. my H1B was first approved in 2002 and expires in September 2007. i am wondering if it would be better to apply for and extension of my H1b OR would EAD suffice (and satisfy immigration requirement) while my I-485 is pending?:confused: :confused:

EAD will suffice but wise men suggest being on H1B just in case something goes wrong with I-485


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EAD Renewal Querries

Hello there,

We are ready to apply for EAD renewal for my wife and I have couple of querries in that reference.

Our I-485 have been transferred to TSC from VSC since we appled for her EAD last year. I beleive I should be sending her application to TSC. Right?

Questions on I-765:
- How should we answer "Which USCIS office you applied"? This is her second renewal. First EAD we applied to VSC (paper copy) and second was sent to Chicago address (applied online). Her last EAD apporal notice came from MSC. Should we fill in both the application information or just the last one?

- Current immigration status - I believe it is AOS. Please confirm.

We would greatly appreciate your help on this.

Thank you


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Thanks, djb

I am planning to send both

This is regarding I-94 copies required for EAD applicaiton. I have a few more between the first white I-94 and the latest H1B approval for H1B transfers, extension. Do I need to send those (the in between ones) as well? Thanks.


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Online EAD

What documents do I need to mail after filing 765 application online?

Is it better to do it online or paper based? I decided to do it myself as it is a renewal and attorney will charge ~ $1000.



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I received an email from uscis stating that they mailed me an RFE for Advanced parole. I still havent received it and I am very worried. I submitted all my filings (I-140, I-765, I-485, and I-131) together in April 2, 2007. I have also submitted my proof of status, EVL, and all necessary things when I filed. My I-140 and I-765 got approved. As a reason for I-131, I gave visiting my mom and number of entries requested 3 times.

Can anyone tell me what RFEs can they request from me for Advanced parole (I-131)?


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Which USCIS Office?


I am trying to renew my EAD and there is a question asking if I have ever before applied for EAD from USCIS? which is Yes in my case. Than next line asks which USCIS Office? this is where it gets confusing for me because i live in MD and my lawyer sent my EAD case to vermont, later Vermont office forwarded to Nebrasca and nebrasca forwarded to Kansas City. Now should i write where my case was approved for this question which is Kansas city?

Second question, since I used my EAD and no longer have H1 status, is my status I-485 Pending which is questin 15 in the form.

Thank you for your help


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Possible missing advance parole (AP) in Mail.

We have applied AP for myself and wife which has been approved 25 days ago I have received mine within one week of approval but my wife’s we have not received yet.
I think it lost in mail. Any one know how can we inquiry about this case?


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What documents do I need to mail after filing 765 application online?

Is it better to do it online or paper based? I decided to do it myself as it is a renewal and attorney will charge ~ $1000.


can you let me know what documents you sent and your experiences. I also want to do it myself as attorney will charge 1000 usd. Thanks


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I am going to apply for my EAD/AP renewals myself, need your help...

Could you help me find answers for the following questions:

1.) My last EAD was approved by TSC. Now that my 485 has been transferred to NSC and is pending there, where should I apply for my EAD renewal?
2) what address should I send the application to?
3) Can I send EAD/AP in the same envelop?
4) I have seen the list of documents at the first page of this thread. However it was really old info from 2004, so could anybody confirm the list of supporting docs?

Thanks a million


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AP approved

we received our second APs in the mail.

AP RD: July 13, 2007
Approved on: Oct 18, 2007 (came to know thru infopass), no lud
LUD: Nov 8, 2007 - "document mailed" on uscis website; no email
AP received: Nov 13, 2007.


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I-765 EAD renewal self filed - paper - APPROVED

Filed EAD renewal for wife without lawyer. using paper method as we had to travel and didn't want FP biometrics appointment.

filed using c09 pending AOS

documents sent:

485 receipt notice copy
previous EAD front back copy
passport photo page copy
I94 copy

I did NOT send any other documents like 140 approval notice etc.

mailed overnight to NSC using USPS express mail on 10/23 .. they got it 10/24 receipt notice generated same day. got receipt on 10/29

But entering LIN number on CRIS kept giving Case Status Retrieval Failed message. then on 11/27 directly got EAD card in mail. now it shows status in CRIS. approved in 4 weeks.


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EAD Renewal application - presense in USA

This is EAD renewal application for dependent(spouse).

Can EAD renewal be applied while the applicant is travelling outside USA using advance parole? Dependent will complete the application and send it to the primary applicant, so that the application can be mailed to USCIS. Is phisycal presence in USA is required to apply for EAD renewal?

The EAD mailer that comes with the previous EAD is mandatory requirement for the renewal application or optional? From some of the previous answers this looks like optional requirement but got confused by seeing the statement "Renewal of my permission to accept employment (attach previous employment authorization document)." when checking the renewal option in the application.

Thank you in advance for your reply.


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I have my 485 pending since 2006 and have renewed EAD couple of times. I am planning to apply for AP for the first time and I was surprised to read in the AP/I-131 form instructions that a fee is not required for AP if a 485 has been applied for....unless I am reading this wrong. The extract from page 7 of form I-131(top right corner) is given below:
Note: If you filed a FormI-485, as of July 30, 2007, no fee is required to also file a request for advance parole on Form I-131. You may file the I-131 concurrently with your I-485, or you may submit the I-131 at a later date.

Based on this, can one of you please clarify if a fee is required while filing for AP separately if a 485 is pending since 2006(and paid for)?

Thanks in advance.


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Can i apply for EAD & AP renewal and travel outside the country?.Will it be an issue if i get approval when i am outside?
Any help is appreciated....


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You can't be outside the country past the expiration date of your AP. Otherwise it shouldn't be an issue.


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Thanks nscagony..my EAD & AP are valid till May end.My question is can i travel outside the country while the EAD & AP are pending? ( i will be back by end of Feb).I read in other forum that....Traveling outside the country while EAD & AP are pending is considered as 485 abandonment