DV lottery winners who are married meet here


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My second successful interview experience!!!!!!!!!!

Come and join me singing halleluyah,jehovan jareh has done it again for me.

Thank you everybody for your prayer upon me and to the shame of the Devil,I have made it again.

Initially,I had a successful interview on Tuesday and was given Visa pick up letter against 22nd March but latter called this morning that I need to come to Embassy by 1pm so i quickly went ther cos i didt know what was it.

On getting to the Embassy after the normal security check again,my first pick letter was collected from me and was given another Visa interview ticket.This is my second interview experience today;

The same Co that interviewed me on Tuesday called me window 11:

Me:Good afternoon
Co:Good afternoon
Co:where is your Old passport
Me :what?
Co:The old passport u used in 2006
Me:It got burnt
Me:I explained
Co :who gave u the passport
Me:My former company for Training Visa but was denied then
Me:Explained in detail the company name and the kind of training we wanted to go for in USA then
Co:Ok.Pick up your Visa next week Thursday (24th March,2011)and he gave me another pick up letter
Me:Thank you very much.

Praiseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee God everybody cos God did not allow the wish of the enemy to come to pass in my life.I glorify the name of the Lord for this wonderful experience and I know that the SAME GOD THAT WAS,HIS AND FOREVERMORE IS ALWAYS WITH US ON THIS FORUM AND WE WILL CONTINUE TO PRAISE HIM AND SHOUT FOR JOY ALL THE TIMES.

Thank you my fellow members I really appreciate your unrellent prayers for me and to ALL other members going for interviews that the Lord will show them favour in the face of the Consular officer in Jesus name,AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



To those going for interview next week;forexpalace and others,I wish u ALL VISA BREAKTHROUGH IN JESUS NAME,AMEN!!11


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Our interview experience
We (my wife and I) got to he embassy at about 6:15am, by then those for 6:30 appointment were already asked to line up.
7:00am appointment called to form a line.then we were seperated into immigrant and non immigrants.
Since I wasn’t sure about how I was going to submit my wifes form which I brought along, I asked the man in charge of immigrants and he said do you have the money to pay for the 2 of you I said absolutely and the He said no problem.
We got to the first point for appointment confirmation and the man said you are married now I replied yes He then wrote dv- and wrote receipt for two persons to be paid when we enter.
We were the asked to sit down. We were eventually called for checking and my wife went first then
We were allowed into the embassy. I paid for the two of us and later we went through th2nd checking point.
Then we entered the interview hall and sat down. My wife was really anxious and restless but i kept on cheering her up that we would succeed. Latter i heard my name to window 12 and both of us stood up and went to the window.
At window 12 was a plump middle aged Nigerian light complexioned woman. Good morning ma I said and she replied you are now married I said yes. She said ok. Mean while I had started scanning the table in front of the woman, i saw my own for ds-230, a print out of the initial data i submitted while entering for the dv with my picture on it. But my wife's form was not there, point of note I sent the form to kcc after our wedding but they replied that my case is now with the embassy. So prepared as i was i brought out a new form which i had already filled from home and gave it to the woman. My wife was added to my case there and then. She requested for my credentials the originals and a photocopy, and my wife birth certificate alone which i gave to her she then said you can go and sit down you will be called. So we went back to our sit.
Soon the interviews started
Window 9
Window 10 empty
Window 11
Window 12
Window 13 empty
At about 9:30am I heard my name again to window 12 please
Good morning sir(my wife and i)
CO: Good morning
CO: this interview is to assess weather you are eligible for the visa ok
ME: yes sir
CO: both of you raise your right hand, do you........
US: yes
CO: you first that is me I want you to ...finger print, then my wife. Madam you can go and sit down i need the principal winner alone.
CO: what is your highest level of education
ME: university degree
CO: what did you study
ME: I answered
CO: did you do a project
ME: yes
CO: what was the title
ME: ...
CO: can you talk about it
ME: oh God I am used to oral exams so I went to town stage by stage
CO: how were you able to prevent bias
ME: answered
CO: what was you conclusion
ME: went to town
CO: asked question about my profession
ME: went to town
CO: when did u meet your wife
ME: i met are in 2003, asked her out in 2003 October
CO when did you decide to get married
ME: i proposed to her in 2007 during her birthday and gave her a ring. We planned to get married a little after we start working have enough money.
CO: do you have pictures of your wedding
ME: yes I brought it out and started showing him all in the album. The church, traditional. I also explained along those in the pictures our parents , siblings well wishers
CO: is that your engagement cake, lovely.then he smiled.
ME: yes, thank you sir.
CO: do you have other picture apart from your wedding pictures.
ME: yes sir we have courtship pictures and honey moon pictures, we had our honey moon in ghana i said, so I brought them out.
CO: can you pass it.
ME: i did and He started flipping through it. Then I explained the pics as he did flip even though he did not ask.
CO: what do you feel about Ghana
ME: they are well organised its a nice place
CO: can you call your wife you go and sit down.
So I called my wife
CO: when did you meet ur husband
CO: when did you decide to get married
CO: why did you marry him
SHE: He loves me and if a woman meets someone who loves her she will know and she is favoured.
She said the co was smiling all through, call your husband, so she did
ME: i would like to change the address we would be staying in the USA from Georgia to Texas .
CO: no problem, He collected the new address and minuted on it.then attached it to our documents.
CO: let me print out your pick up slip,u pick up your visas at this address on this day.you will pay 1250then.so he gave me my pick up slips and our passport.
ME: Sir you gave me our passports back
CO: am sorry he then collected them back
This God na ELELE,
My advice be composed, and pray well. This same Co refused the 2 people before me. He is very strict. A no nonsense young man American.we were the first he would be giving that day.
Also rehearse you highest level of education very well and go with pictures secondary school ,nysc pics, it helps.


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I am British and my husband is Moroccan.

We both have been selected! Should we both send an application form each to KCC? In case one of the interviews fails for some reason?

Also, our marriage was in Morocco so our marriage certificate is in Arabic. Does anyone know the specific requirements for having this translated? We are living in the UK and will be applying at the UK embassy.

Also, if I am the principal winner, does my husband need to take the same civil documents e.g. police reports, birth certificate etc

Many thanks!
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hello forumites,its been a while,congrats 2 all dose u hv had succesful interviews and 2 our fellow 2012 winners congratulations

forumites i heard dat it is nt advisable 2 travel 2 d us without money, even if u hv a sponsor.so 4 dose of us hu hv travelld nd re also preparing 2 travell wat is d minimum amount of money one is advisable 2 travell wit?


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Our case so complicating that am so confused and don,t know what might happen at the end of our interview (Wife & Myself.)
This is our sutiation.

I have applied for non immigrant visa in the past and was refused visa that was in 2004, then shortly after that time in later 2004 i got marriage to my late wife who actually got pregnant for me some months before we got married and gave birth to a beautiful baby girl by november 2004.then later in the year 2005 i applied again for non immigrant visa and was refused again as a married man at that time.

Then later in the year 2006 my wife was pregnant again but died during child birth (Memory of her death still very fresh that eachtime i see my daughter i do flash back to her mother) so since then have been living my life as a widower and life became so boring that i felt and saw reasons why it,s not Good for a young man to be living an empty life without a woman in his life . in the year 2009 i meet lady who came to replace the empty space in my heart and we started dating that same year.

May 2010 we got a selectee notification that she has been selected for further processing, she filled the forms ds230 &122 and sent back to kcc as single since she,s still single at that time.
we got married january 2011 and suprisingly we got a letter february 25/ 2011 that she should come for interview march 2011. she proceeded with getting the reqiured documents but when she went to apply for her international passport the immigration made understand that since she,s now married she will have to get the international passport on her new married name.
That same day she email the embassy to ask if she can come for her interview with new husband new married name but she did not see any reply from the embassy until like 3days b4 the interview and the reply reads that " yes you can come with your husband new married name but must also applied for you husband"
At this time we were confused because i have not done any medical and police report for the interview because we do not know that it,s possible to apply for her husband.

on the interview date she went alone for her interview and she was interviewed , the consular requested for her husband and the application and she explained to the consular that she did not know how to go about the application for her husband, she was interview but was asked to report back again in june ..
june 2011 i went with her for the interview with all our documents.
when got there the consular asked to go to the extreme end of the hall which i did and he asked my wife some few questions as regards our marriage, later he requested for my wife to call me and and she too to seat at the extreme seat in the hall. i was asked the same set of questions asked from my wife before and i gave the same answer.

then he said i should call my wife , he then gave us a letter to come back again for another interview with all our original document and my application.
now i have filled the form but i don,t know if my daughter that i got from my late wife name could be listed in the names of the children that i have which is question number 29 on the DS230 FORM, thou she is not going to migrate with us .
i need answers to the following question
(1) If she could be listed to the list of childeren in my own ds230 form IN QUESTION 29, And if she could be listed in question 31b in my own DS230 form as to join me later or not to list her name there at all
(2) if my previous refusal of application for non immigrant visa would not affect our chances of getting our visa.
(3) what are the possible things that can happen on our next interview date with the emvassy?

I need anyone with experience to help us get the rightful information that will help us succeed in our interview.
the answers to you inquires are as follows:-
1- your child should be included in the application form even if you don't want to let her join you to US.
2-you previous refusal for the visa will not affect your chances to immigrate if the reason (s) of denial is no longer exisit.
3- In my opinion the CO will examine your documents carefully to confirm that you marriage is true and you do not lie about any single information you added in your forms and also make sure to take your marrige pictures and any thing which will support the accurcy and correctness of your data.

Thank you and good luck


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If you married genuinely and intend to immigrate with her the best you can do is download form DS 230, fill it for her, obtain all docments for her i.e birth cert,passport, police report if possible medical. Then go with her to the interview. When you are handing in your documents you will indicate that you are now married and wishes to include your wife.If your doctor doesnn let her do the medical she can always do it after the interview. Then along with the marriage certificate, carry with you ANYTHING and EVERTHING that PROVES your relationship.In the meantime you can email your embassy of Your change of status.carry a copy of the email/reply to the interview.

My wife was selected with the above case no. When are we likely to be called for interview?
I would like to know if we can embark on doing police clearance now.


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Hi guys,

I have a situation,
I am from Thailand, and my wife is from China. China is not eligible to join the lottery. We got married exactly on 07/15/2011 in USA. I was selected in DV lottery 2012. I did not include her in the entry in October, 2010. I am sending a DS-230 form with updated information "Married' to KCC.
I am wondering can I also send the DS-230 for her and apply for the interview? We will go for CP in Thailand.
If she can not get the GC with me, does she also need to show up in the interview? We do have a marriage certificate in USA.

Somebody please answer me!
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Hi all
congratulations for successful interviewed applicants and for recent DV 2012 winners.
I won 2012 DV lottery and preparing for the first submittion to KY center .
I have some confusion in filling forms
In supplementary Registration item 7 a,b,c >> I have a bachelor degree , so 7a>> No - 7b >>> N/A - 7c N/A
My current job is >>> Architect, do I need to fill in the job duties or this is only for ppl with experience and no degree or high school???
also Form DS-0230 >>>>> job you will intend to work there >>> is accepted to write >>> Any suitable job till getting qualification accredited ???
Also we are waiting for a baby in December, how can I add him to the application and at what stage?
Please advice
thanks in advance
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My wife was selected with the above case no. When are we likely to be called for interview?
I would like to know if we can embark on doing police clearance now.
; said:
I would like to know if the US consular will acknowledge the receipt of forms DSP 122 and DS 230 already posted.
Looking at your CN, you are likely to have it in November. with the police clearance am not took biased about when it should be ready but i think if you should wait for like close to the interview time and you go get, it will be Ok.
With the sending of the forms, KCC will not notify you of their receipt, unless you contact them through either email or phone, stating your Full Name, CN, Date of Birth. all the best and goodluck
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