DV lottery winner with complications

I used to be a J1 Visa holder. I graduated in May 2018 and currently fulfilling my 2 year residence obligation in Egypt. I have another year to go. I won the DV lottery buy since I have another year to fulfill from the 2 year residence program, what do I do? Is my application going to be dismissed? Is there a way out of this? How long do the DV lottery winners have to submit their applications, I was thinking if I delay my application maybe things could work out.

I could really use some help here. Thank you in advance.


Super Moderator
Assuming you’ve been back home since May/June 2018, you may be able to complete your 2 home residency requirements just in time to migrate.

What is your CN range? You may be able to delay your interview until after the completion of the 2YHRR even if your CN is in the low range - you’ll just need to delay your DD260 form and subsequent documents submission.