DV 2020?

If the electronic entry allows you to submit the photo then it is entered, and any photo issue that might be disqualifying only happens at interview. The only thing that will get your entry disqualified by the system rather than a consular officer (at interview stage) is if you submit duplicate entries which you will know is against the rules. So no, you won’t be disqualified every year for an unknown error.
Thanks for this! I will let people know :)
Well think of it this way. If you really spend 6 years doing something and never bother to read/understand and follow a simple set of instructions, perhaps you don't merit inclusion in the lottery process...
Indeed Simon, but as mentioned above, there are people who are less tech seavy and get worried.
8th time for me this year I think, I have a hard time remembering my very first application, I think it was in 2011, but maybe even before. anyways, Had the chance to work in the US for 18 months and now will be waiting for a transfer from my company (big american software). I play because I still believe! :)