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My wife being the principal applicant does not have a maiden name on our marriage certificate. Because she converted from islam to christianity after our traditional marriage ceremony she picked English name and added one of my names to hers like X Y Z.. During the civil registration, she used her new name to register. She later added my other name N so the name became X Y Z N and gazzetted in 2013. The gazzette document covered her maiden name as well as X YZ as her previous names and X Y Z N as current valid name…..will this cause any problem? DV entry and Passport issued in 2014 matches current valid name
hellow my wifes case number is 21** i am from asia nepal. We got married on june 2019. at that time she already filled her ds-260. on august we unlocked our ds-260 and filled my information there too. we dont have passport and Now We are going to make our passport next month. On marriage certificate officer added my last name to her name. (eg: on ds-260 'name-simon ray' on marriage certificate 'name-simon ray andrewsen'my last name added) so while making passport her name will be "simon ray andrewsen" on passport. So do we need to unlock ds-260 and update her name or leave it to embassy.
Everyone that win the dv lottery they all do pass the interview or what % for everyone to pass
You can look at the data threads. Most seem to ignore their win, a small percentage of people every month are denied. I'm not sure if that denial also counts for people who don't pass background checks, or if it's a straight up denial at interview when everything else checked out.


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I win the dv lottery 2018 i don't know how do i do next
Britsimonsays.com is a good resource for people who don’t know what to do. (By the way I presume you mean you won DV2019 and got your selection notification in 2018, because DV2018 is over.)

Everyone that win the dv lottery they all do pass the interview or what % for everyone to pass
Not everyone chooses to proceed, and not everyone who wants an interview necessarily gets one - britsimonsays will explain about case numbers, which is what affects this. In some years all who want can interview, in other years not, it depends on how many are selected each year and how many of those want to proceed. This is the only stage any kind of “percent” comes in and it changes from year to year, if it even applies at all.
If you get an interview, whether or not you pass it will depend on you meeting all the requirements.
Hey y'all! I got selected this year after applying on and off for about 10 years. 2019AF28XXX. Trying not to get too excited and basically sitting on my hands. I have a long way to go yet...but I'm glad to find this forum and Simon's blog. Been very informative.


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My sister in law is scheduled for interview on December 11, now when she asked her host to write letter he told her that his monthly income is less then 3500usd so according to US immigration law he can't support her. I want to know what his income should be and is he okay to host her?


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My sister in law is scheduled for interview on December 11, now when she asked her host to write letter he told her that his monthly income is less then 3500usd so according to US immigration law he can't support her. I want to know what his income should be and is he okay to host her?
Is he a “host”, or a “sponsor” with an I134? There’s a difference.


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The matter is, is he able to host her if his monthly income Is less then 3500?
You seem to still be confusing a host with a sponsor. He is either (1) a sponsor who fills in an affidavit of support and provides evidence that he meets the financial minimums, or (2) a host (which is not any official type of category) who writes a letter offering to host her (whatever that means - a room and food till she finds a job, or whatever). There is nothing "official" about hosting so it doesn't matter what he makes. I suggest you find out from some successful Kenyans using the host system what kind of letters their hosts provided. From memory a number here didn't even have letters, just the name and contact details of the host and were asked in interview what the relationship with the host was.
Hi all. Just wanted to share my experience. I completed the process in Montreal, Canada and just collected my passport today with the I-551 visa and the sealed envelope for the border agent.

I have to thank mom and Britsimon so much for their help and for running this forum. My experience from winning to this day with the visa in my passport has been seamless - with a lot of internal anxiety - mainly because of finding and then reading this forum, stepping in to share anything I know that could help, and reading the amazing advice provided by mom, Britsimon and the other great contributors like SusieQ. My anxiety was actually very useful because it made me very meticulous with collecting my documents, arranging them, thinking about timelines to obtain all required documents and being very diligent about the entire process! This was a such big dream come true for me and if it’s the same for you, there should be no reason you shouldn’t take charge, do your own research and take full ownership of the entire process.

I’m going to post my interview experience in full with timelines:

Sept 28th: email notice for my interview date in Montreal for Nov 1, 2018

Oct 13th: did my medical

Oct 29th: flew to Montreal (with a couple days buffer because up here at this time of the year winter weather can wreak havoc on air travel)

Nov 1st: Bright and early interview at the consulate. One of only two people in the consulate at that time. I was called to document check window in 5 minutes and provided the documents as asked:

  1. Passport and a copy
  2. Interview appointment letter
  3. Birth certificate (and name change documents if any) and a copy
  4. Education diplomas degrees etc and a copy
  5. Police checks
  6. Asked to go to a different counter to pay the US$330 DV fee. Brought the receipt back to the original window and sat down to be called for the actual interview by a consular officer.

Five minutes later, got called to the interview window. The consular officer was nice and friendly. Said to raise my right hand and vow to tell the truth about all questions.
She reviewed the file and just needed to confirm my name change since some documents were under the old name and some under the new name. We spent about 5 minutes talking about this. And she wanted to quickly confirm my current status in the US (since I’m currently on a dual-intent work visa there at the moment). All in all not longer than 10 mins in total.

CO: ok we’re ready to approve your immigrant visa. Just FYI, there is an ongoing Canada post strike so your document delivery may be delayed beyond the standard two weeks.

I’m nervous here but I gave myself 3 weeks so I figured I should be ok. She handed me a form with instructions on how to collect my passport (I already registered for collection as instructed on the consulate website before the interview so this form was not new information). It did say ‘welcome to United States of America’ at the top which was kinda assuring and kept me cautiously optimistic. In and out in less than 40 minutes.

One thing of note - she did not ask for any financial information but it may be because I’m clearly already employed in the country so there is very little risk of being a financial burden maybe. I came prepared with all my bank accounts tho.

Nov 2nd: I get an email saying due to postal strike disruption, I have been offered the chance to pick up my documents in person on Monday if I so choose. Or do nothing and they’ll mail it when the strike is resolved.

Nov 5th: I jumped at the opportunity to pick it up and not deal with the postal strike - and so I got it this morning. Visa in passport and sealed envelope for the border agent.

I still can’t believe this has happened so fast. I was preparing for the long wait. It hasn’t hit me yet I think.

My advice to all winners is to try to understand the entire DV process. Every bit of information is out there or on this forum. I rarely had to ask a question once I got the hang of using this forum and reading/searching for answers.

I can provide my experience on the interview process in Montreal if anyone needs more information. I can also provide advice on police certificates for Australia, Singapore and Canada if anyone needs to get those.

To everyone else - I pray you all will get your visas and your process will be as seamless as mine was blessed to be. Remember - luck is when opportunity meets preparation. We have all got the opportunity by winning the lottery, it is up to us to be 100% prepared.
The Embassy asked me to send them travelling consent for my 4 year old. What are the chances that my son gets denied a visa if his father refuses to give us his travelling consent?
How do i present my case to the embassy?