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DV-2018 "The information entered is not valid"


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I do not know about this year, however in 2012 both me and my wife won on the first draw, and that obviously because we both submitted our applications on the same day :)

Precisely, for some reason someone is trying to get people excited about a redraw and making apparently false claims about similar supposed selectees to support it. I say supposed because no one can actually produce a verifiable example.


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Still getting the same error message. I'm in OC... not sure if that matters, but i'm entering my entry and my Wife's... to no avail

Looks like this is still a problem. I've had a couple of people contact me with the same problem. And no, they are not making typos in the name or confirmation number.... I literary copied it in and it gave the same error.


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I was not selected.
So the error message had nothing to do with the pics being used.
My information finally came up.


Hi Britsimon! Can you help me check my application statute?? I followed the instructions you gave in your latest post but it is still saying ''The information entered is not valid''. I even tried forgot Confirmation number to retrieve it but i am still getting the same message. I am sure i am not doing anything wrong.
Remove your personal info !!!
Send them to BritSimon privately


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I am experiencing the same issues with DV-2022. Anyone experiencing the same?
Same✋ I lost my confirmation number somehow and tried to take again on website but the system says my information is not valid. I sended an e mail for this sitiuation but they response is useless. My friend also tried to take confirmation number althougt she already has it but she got the same message like me. I checked my information several times my birth date, e-mail adress and name-surname but the system still says same thing. I don’t know what to do but my only hope for the day when lottery is announced and also hope to “forgot confirmation number” page to be working.