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Dv 2014 Kenyan Selectees report here

Discussion in 'Lottery Visas - DV' started by utamaduni, May 21, 2014.

  1. Jonge

    Jonge Active Member

    @Velcan even if not selected for 2016, try again. I remember before I was selected I had applied in 2007 (misplaced my reference number) then 2009 (was not successful) and was successful in 2012 and now in DC. So it is possible
  2. Jonge

    Jonge Active Member

    @Jorj I am doing well over here in DC but the temperatures are insane...now that March has arrived, it will get better...I heard a couple of birds the other day singing which was awesome music to my ears.
  3. Britsimon

    Britsimon Super Moderator

    I have been offered some excellent jobs in areas like New York, Boston, Washington and Chicago. There is pretty much no amount of money they could offer to tempt me to live in those places - because my wife would be miserable in those winters (it was bad enough in the UK where it is much milder).
  4. Velcan

    Velcan Member

    Boston is horrible, it's so cold and too much snow.
  5. aimanda7

    aimanda7 Registered Users (C)

    It s sooooooooooo long time I don't visit this forum and I don't know even where to start.
    ok first I wanna let you know that I m now in Houston-Texas

    while reading some of your posts let me give you my e mail address: aimanda7@yahoo.fr
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  6. Mushy_hot

    Mushy_hot Registered Users (C)

    So guys how are you all?? I'm still waiting for my turn, soon i'll be in US. I'm not giving up
  7. coronahope

    coronahope Member

    @aimanda7, good to hear this. Would you recommend Houston or Texas in general for relocating to? Job opportunities for engineering fields (civil)? Climate? Cost of living? All the best and hope to hear from you.
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  8. usken go

    usken go Well-Known Member

    Hi people.
    I need info on whether Kenya black tea-processed and packaged by any of our KTDA factories will cause any issues with CBP at point of entry.
    I have been to their website and I am not any wiser with regard to tea.
    My host also requests for Royco and Chilli cubes! spices made by unilever
    Advice guys.
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  9. SusieQQQ

    SusieQQQ Well-Known Member

    Generally anything factory produced is fine. Make sure to declare you are bringing in food on the customs form, and have it easily packed that you can show customs if they ask to see it. Don't bring in anything fresh, or any meat or dairy product even if preserved. I've brought lots of tea in over the years :D
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  10. vladek15425

    vladek15425 Well-Known Member

    Which one? Rooibos :p
  11. usken go

    usken go Well-Known Member

    Many thanks for this clarification.
    You must try Kenyan black tea. It's the best there in the world.
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  12. SusieQQQ

    SusieQQQ Well-Known Member

    Yuk. Can't stand the stuff. 5 roses. But I'm learning to live with trader joe's English breakfast tea :D
  13. SusieQQQ

    SusieQQQ Well-Known Member

    Send me some!!! ;)
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  14. Britsimon

    Britsimon Super Moderator

    How is "Ketepa Pride" - they have that on Amazon
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  15. usken go

    usken go Well-Known Member

    We call it BP1! Britain consumes a blend of this graded tea.B. simon must have had a cup before-KETEPA does not even approach the first curve.
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  16. Britsimon

    Britsimon Super Moderator

    I have never seen it in the UK - but it is on Amazon here. You should check out Amazon - there are a number of other brands available....
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  17. usken go

    usken go Well-Known Member

    You will not get that on the shelves of any mall.
    Value adding companies import and blend it with others then package and supply to the vending chains- call it value addition.
    The various brands you have taken are blends containing varying percentages of excellent, good, average tea just like the coffee houses.
    I remember I we have a pending coffee date which is now certain to occur.
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  18. usken go

    usken go Well-Known Member

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  19. pose

    pose Registered Users (C)

    @usken go does this mean you love tea like I do?That is great.Last year I carried almost 5kgs of Tealeaves!!!Please carify your statement "KETEPA does not even approach the first curve". Do you know of better brands?share please. personally I love the safari brand?Ketepa is off its game nowadays. or the other tea packaged stratight from the factories.Not found in supermarkets. @Britsimon i shall definitely check on amazon immediately.
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  20. usken go

    usken go Well-Known Member

    Yes I enjoy my tea.
    Grew up in the tea Highlands.

    Yes the closest is the PF1 sold off the factory kiosks and it is quite good- you agree with me that packaged tea brand in the market is a blend - they do state so and the flavour is as such.
    Very high quality tea such as BP1&2 are packaged in 50kg bags especially for export and is used to enrich other teas.

    You can get BP grade for local consumption straight from the factory and unpacked but since KTDA factories package and label only PF1, that is what I will carry with me for ease of, and compliance with CBP requirements.
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