Duplicate H1-B registration, one of the it is picked in the lottery and still Accepted


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My employer created their account and submitted the registration for my H-1B. Because of some communication gap the appointed Attorney also registered for H-1B effectively having two registrations from the same company.

After USCIS declared the lottery results, the registration submitted by my employer was selected and i also received the action of notice. This is when the attorney realized that there was a duplicate in registration.

The only difference in both the registration was the name, one had full name and the other did not have the middle name.

As per the USCIS portal the status of my registration should change to "denied" because of duplication but it is still not in the "denied" state.

The Question is, should I go ahead and file the petition, if the duplication is detected during the petition process are there are repercussions?