DUI/DWI and Citizenship


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I got my GC in Feb 2005. I got a misdemeanor DUI right after the GC i.e in Mar 2005. I have paid fines, community service and completed 3 year Probation(in Sep 2008).
Question is, Can I apply for the Citizenship? How do they look the 5 year period for the good Moral Character? Is it from date of arrest or from the end date of Probation?

Thanks in advance.



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It is better for you to wait until Sept 2013 and then apply for citizenship. That would give you a clear 5-year period of 'good behavior', and enhance the case for granting citizenship.


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When I went in for my interview which was on January 11th the officer preferred to see 10 years since no arrest. I had been arrested but I don't have a criminal record. Unfortunately they couldn't approve me right away though.


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Sorry to hear about that.

Usually it is 5 years from the date you have served out the term of probation (not from the date of the ticket or conviction). I am surprised that the officer mentioned 10 years - that seems a bit too much considering you do not have a criminal record.

However, wait at least until 2013, make sure you do not get into any more trouble, and apply again.

Good luck.
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