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My parents are applying for visa renewal for visiting me in US. They were earlier issued B1/B2 visa. What should I answer for the purpose of the trip? (I am leaning towards B2 but then the earlier visa was B1/B2.)

Business & Tourism (temporary Visitor) (B1/B2)
Toruism/Medical Treatment (B2)
Doesn’t matter really. If they might ever use a visa for business-related visits (assuming they get a multiple entry visa) then B1/B2 should be checked. Mostly they issue B1/B2 even if you just check B2.
Hello Friends .,

Hope you are all doing good ..after long back logged into forum..

I got couple of questions though .. this is first time involving to sponsor the B2 visa to my cousin brother..

Iam in US as citizen , I wishing fillup the DS-160 here itself , I mean online submit in US


In DS-160 form

1) should i upload all sponsoring documents and photo as well online application?

2) Before submit the DS-160 form , should I take any hardcopy print out , send to my cousin who is in India by post ?

3) once get the DS-160 confirmation doc after submission of online DS-160 , should i send to India by post?

4) After submission of DS-160 , get the confirmation letter, still we have chance to edit update and changes ? then get another confirmation letter

5) Still send all supporting documents send to my cousin in India by post , after uploaded through ds-160 online form

6) Once get the confirmation letter , then immediate after , take 2 ) appointments one for VISA APPLICATION CENTER Appointment (VAC)
2nd appointment for VISA INTERVIEW

7) these 2 appoints same day or different times .. even different dates also good ? please advise who will better fillout the appointments
Myself (US) or my cousin (India)

8) Have I maintain some gap (#s days) after getting the confirmation letter ..

9) I did not fully understand , about appointment wait time though .. I saw

Select a U.S. Embassy or Consulate: (searched on website today (11/7/18)


Nonimmigrant Visa Type Appointment Wait Time
Visitor Visa 28 Calendar Days

10) once get the ds-160 confirmation letter , take 2 appointments , US embassy call us ,
you need to attend 1st appointment for fingerprints and photo
and 2nd appointment for interview

11) should I main any gab (#s days) between 2 appoints , and between confirmation letter and 1st VAC appointment ..

12) VAC process /location is different than Embassy interview process and location

Sorry asking soo many questions ..

Please share any body faced this kind of experiences though .. I would be greatly appreciated your help /time


Your contentious post, which by the way didn’t answer any specific question being asked on a thread that is about a year old has been deleted.
My Fiance has a Bulgarian passport, like many Eastern block countries, They have her Father's name next to her First name in her Passport. Must this be put on the DS-160, or am I OK with just using her First and Last Name?
Since they were issued a B1/B2 visa earlier, it's totally fine to go with the B2 option for tourism. It covers both tourism and visiting family, so it fits your situation perfectly. Just stick with that and you should be good to go!