Driver License Renew while On EAD


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Can Renew Driver's License on EAD Receipt Form???

Please advise:

I just sent the application for my first EAD...

Now can I show up at the driver's license office with (whenever I recieve it, of course) just the receipt notice itself, and hope they accept that document for the DL renewal? (don't wanna wait for the 30-60-90 day period of the final EAD approval before I go for the renewal...DL has already expired and I am desperate to renew it!)

Or you think/know it is the physical appoval notice and/or the EAD Card itself that they consider as the accepted document???...

Any ideas?


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I let my DL expire earlier this year and now they put a restriction on the new DL where they will always renew the license based on immigration/h1b papers. Hate that. Current license will expire dec, 2005..have filed for h1b extension for another year. do u guys have that restriction (9) on your DL as well?


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MA- DL renewed for 4 years. OH- DL renewed only till the validity of EAD (i.e. 1 yr) even though they charged the licensing fee for 4 years. When I asked them to reduce the fee for 1 year, the DMV officer said he didn't have any directive to charge less fee. Every one is out to screw the immigrant!
Texas License

Guys ,
My driver's license is up for renewal in August and I got a postcard from the florida DMV saying to bring my certified birth certificate, naturalized papers and another form of id for renewal.

Anybody recently renewed their driver's license in florida. Please share the experience.

What do I need to take with me. I have valid EAD. But no certified birth certificate (which is in native language - so they would not be able to understand it anyway).

Cant renew my license while waiting for my CCard outcome. Driving with suspended license. Want to go to a Texas court after they pull me over to ask the judge what I need to do. Couldn't apply for eda because my son sponcers me. Well I want to ask the judge how are they exp[ecting me to drive while my case is pending