Driver License Renew while On EAD


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Guys ,
My driver's license is up for renewal in August and I got a postcard from the florida DMV saying to bring my certified birth certificate, naturalized papers and another form of id for renewal.

Anybody recently renewed their driver's license in florida. Please share the experience.

What do I need to take with me. I have valid EAD. But no certified birth certificate (which is in native language - so they would not be able to understand it anyway).



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I just renewd mine and my wife's in Florida

I just renewd mine and my wife's in Florida. If you take the EAD your license will expire on the date when your EAD expires, in a year.

But if you take your original 485 receipt with you, then they extend it for two years in florida.

Hope this helps.



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Thanks you for the info Cass .

It kind of sucks as I don't have the original receipt with me (my GC is being handled by my company liers...oops...lawyers).

I guess it will have to be a years extension and maybe I'll get my GC by then.....who knows....


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I got the original from my company lawyers

My original 485 receipts were with my company lawyers too. I asked them and they overnighted it without any issues.

485 if filed on our behalf. So, they have to provide us the original receipt if we ask them.


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you may not need any documentation. they didn't ask me for anything. my driving is excellent. they asked me to take a picture in DMV and in a weeks time i got my renewed licence which is valid for another 5 years.


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License Renewed in CA

FYI, My drive license was renewed for another 5 years in California last month. They asked to show original SSN document, nothing else, of coures renew fee.


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I don't think that you can get driving liscense renewd in florida without showing your immigration papers, I had this experience twice in last 3 months, first I renewed it and then for change of address and went to different offices for both. It depends on what you show, I-94 or EAD, they put the same expiration date which is on the doc, there is no 5 years renewal anymore for the non immigrants, at least in Florida.


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ca dmv easy to rewnew

my record was a bit bad,so took exam (just read the guide for 1 hour in the dmv premises) if you failt hen u dont deserve a lisence

write the written test take a photo pay fee and leave . this is then renewed for 5 years irrespective of any expiry date on h1 etc

this applies only to ca rewnewals. very good process,i was impressed that if you have a ca dl then nothing else is required

note: i went 1 month before expiry of dl


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I renewed my driver license in FL three months ago. The first time I showed them my I-485 receipt, but they didn't accept it. They asked for my EAD. At that time I was renewing my EAD. So, I had to go there for the second time and they only issued me one year license ( the same expiration date as my EAD). They really suck!


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They have to accept the I-485 receipt (original only) and issue you a two year license. This is the policy from the state capital, no argument needed.


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I renewed my CA license for 5 years by the normal mail-in process.

I was on H-1B until 08/03 and on EAD issues or requests for additional documents from DMV.

Each state is different...

I Have Patience

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Dukhi Mann Ka Dukh

Dear DukhMann

I guess you can always get an affidavit of birth from India in English which the Florida guys can read , I am sure.Affidavit needs to be signed by atleast 2 people-preferably NOT your parents ,but even if signed by parents doesnt seem to cause much trouble
drivers license renewal

My friend got his renewed license couple days ago, for 2 years.
Looks like renewal in Florida is for 2 years now regardless of expiration date on EAD or visa papers.

PS:please consult the offical documentation if you need to.


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Renewed in IL. was asked for immigration paper. showed EAD which is valid for a year. driver's license renewed for 5 years. :)


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Need advice

I was issued my driver's license by my EAD so they expire soon. Is there any way to renew my driver's license without waiting for my EAD renewal?
By the way, I live in Colorado