Does a temporary injunction for stalking (domestic violence) impact GC PERM processing


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Hello Dear concerned,

I have received a Temporary injunction order from court not to contact a girl. She alleged me for stalking, however since this is silly issue between college boy and girl attorneys of our both parties working towards dismissing this temporary injunction.
So we agreed to extend this temporary injunction for another month and then dismiss it, and maintain no further contact with her until then.
Meanwhile, my employer is filing PERM for my GC processing, so I am gathering the required documentation for them to proceed.

Now my question is should I ask my employer/attorney to wait till the temporary injunction be dismissed?
Till now my employer/attorney does not have any information about my temporary injunction, so disclosing this for advice or delaying GC could cause any legal obligation for them to continue my application, or my employment?
Also, once the injunction is dismissed will this be a bad remark on my background check or profile all the way as I proceed in my GC processing? how can I prevent any such issues?