permanent resident

  1. R

    Why Name Check before both permanent residence (green card) AND naturalization?

    From (Wikipedia)/FBI_Name_Check : Since a permanent resident has already undergone the comprehensive FBI Name Check, why would he/she need to undergo the same Name Check again when applying for naturalization?
  2. Potts More

    Question: N400 under 3y LPR rule with Abuse Waiver?

    Hi fellas, I've been reading some articles related to my immigration situation, I learned that when I-751 is approved under the abusive/battery rule, the applicant is eligible to apply for N-400 under the 3-year rule. Anyone whose spouse was U.S. Citizen and gets approved under ROC abuse waiver...
  3. G

    Applying for the N-600

    Hello, I am currently a permanent resident here in the US. I came to the US in 2012 when I was 14years old, my dad was already a citizen by the time I came here . I am now 22 years old and I am trying to claim citizenship through him. Initially my little brother tried applying for the passport...
  4. K

    Need answers on my Immigrant Visa situation

    Hi guys I'm asking for help and advice on my situation. I'm one of the Dv 2018 winners. I'm currently here in Micronesia to visit my family before proceeding to my final US address. As a part of the route to get here, I had a transit in Guam. So the immigration officer processed and endorsed my...
  5. W

    Working overseas for extended period of time: Implications of re-entry form/ I-131

    Hi there, I am trying to find out the risks of using an I-131/re-entry form to work overseas for about 14 months. I don't have any intention of applying for citizenship in the near future, so not being able to apply for 4 years is not a deterring factor. These are my immediate questions: 1) I...
  6. K

    Does a temporary injunction for stalking (domestic violence) impact GC PERM processing

    Hello Dear concerned, I have received a Temporary injunction order from court not to contact a girl. She alleged me for stalking, however since this is silly issue between college boy and girl attorneys of our both parties working towards dismissing this temporary injunction. So we agreed to...
  7. M

    Canada PR - Proof of funds

    Hi, I have received my ITA and am gathering the necessary documents to complete my application. I understand we need to provide 6 months bank details as part of our proof of fund. I had lent a sum of about 7,700 CAD (Equivalent in INR) to my dad for a family emergency from one of my bank...
  8. S

    J1 visa to F1 visa change of status(I-539) denied please help

    Hi, I was an exchange student 2016 Jan~2017 Jan and after the exchange student program, I moved to the different state with my parents. and I wanted to continue my high school career so I applied for change of status I-539 form in January as soon as I moved in. and I started attending a private...
  9. Mitzey

    Domestic Violence conviction and Divorce. Can I still remove my Green Card conditions?

    Hi. So long story short. I moved to California from the UK, after my ex-wife had told me she was pregnant from my previous visit. We had been seeing each other long distance over the years. So I adjusted status through marriage to her (US Citizen). I have my conditional permanent residency green...
  10. L

    Traveling with Refugee travel document close to expiration date

    I'm a permanent resident as a result of being granted asylum in the US. I have a refugee travel document which expires in May 2018. I'm traveling this summer (August 2017) and have another travel plan in March 2018 for just a couple of weeks. March is just two months before expiration date and...