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Family members are given separate packets at the consulate.....


Each person in the family will be given a separate packet at consulate after the immigrant visa application has been accepted.
For more clarity, you can also get the info verified at the time of interview at the consulate.
One of the CP applicant had a similar situation when I attended the interview at Chennai consulate.
He did get separate packets and he also got the info clarified with one of the immigration officer who asked us take oath.
Good luck.



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Vaccinations required for CP

Can anybody please tell me what vaccinations/shots are required for the CP medical exam?

I'm planning of taking the vaccines here in US. I know I have to take MMR. Is there any other vaccine ?

Any experienced CPer please Help .......



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a friend has had his medicals done here 4- 5 months ago for his AOS. He got tested for Tb, HIV and syphilis- County Health clincs collected a flat rate of $5 for all put together. No Dr's appt needed. Just walk in and ask for the tests and tell them the test are for immigration purposes, thats what he did.


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My packet 3 has been submitted to St Louis recently. My situation is as follows.

My schoold going daughter's application has been filed along with my wife's and mine for CP processing. We do not want her to move to the US currently for many reasons and at the same time we would not want her to lose the GC that she would get automatically now in case she needs it in the future.

What is the best course of action for us? Let her get the card and then take the chance that she would not get disqualified for not living in the US ? Please help.



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Experienced CPers,
My visa stamping is expired and I am planning to travel by Kuwait airways in April. Would I need a transit visa? Anybody had the experience? Thanks.


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US visa and transit visa

Your US visa is only to enter US. So if your US visa is expired or will expire in near future make sure that you maintain legal status for your stay in US.

As far as transit visa for Kuwait is concerned, I don't think visa is rquired to change planes on the same airport. But if there is change of airport or you plan to go outside the airport, transit visa may be required.



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Thanks, CpDelhi. I appreciate your help. Also due to the current tension in Kuwait, I have changed my mind to travel by Air India instead of Kuwait Airways.


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time period

How long does it take to get interview date after applying for CP if the interview location is chennai...



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Just curious, how come most of you already know your schedule for interview. How did you find it out? Isn't it true that you will get your notice 1 month before your schedule?

Pls reply....


Has any one heard of CP rejections

Hi Friends,

I cleared my labour and applying for I 140 through CP.
My lawyer sacres me about CP.

I have been going through the forum.
Good everyone says they completed successfully but no rejections.

Can you throw some light on rejections situations if you come across any.

Thanks friends


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rejections ...

Per my knowledge from posts in this forum ...
Rejection is generally done due to lack of/improper documentation. If your documentation is excellent and there is no issues for the duration you have been in US go ahead with CP. For documentation there are many posts in this forum. The consular officer does not have discretion to reject you if your documentation is excellent (unlike h1 and b1 where he can reject as per his will) , at most he can ask you to come back with whatever documentation you lack.
all the best!


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Question for Successful CP Processors: W2 Forms For CP Processing

I am in US from past 2 years on H1-B and donot have a W2 form for a year but I have filed my taxes as dependent for the 2 years. One in which I have W2 form and one I donot have a w2 form. Will that be a problem in CP processing. Can I manage with a 1040 form or the Tax Transcripts form the Ins.

I did not have any income for the first year but I was on H1-B. So, I was out of H1-B status. But I did file the Taxes as Dependent of my Husband. That is we both filed it together. So, I will be able to get the Tax Transcript for both the years.
So, will that be enough or I am taking a big risk. As I want to go for CP.

Thank You. Any suggestion will be appreciated and helpful.


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CP Interview on 27th August

HI my CP Interview is scheduled on August 27th...Please email me if your CP is on or arround 27th ...i would like to share info...
Do i need the Tax transcripts...or just W2 forms are enough?