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Laid off while I-140 pending.

Dear Rajiv,
I am on my 4th year h1b and filed my I-485 and I-140 last year July 2007.

I am on my h1b and got laid off while I-140 is pending since July 9 2007. My PD is Jun1 19 2007.

My question is can I use my EAD recently approved for 2 years.

What are the options I have if something were to happen to my pending I-140.

My employer is revoking my h1b in 1 month. Do I ever be out of status even my I-485 is pending? My company's attorney says that she doesn't see any problem with the pending I-140.

I honestly appreciate your advise.
H1-B Approval received without I-94

Hi Rajiv Khanna,

Thanx in advance for taking my question

Currently, I am working for company name X for since June,16th 2008 and recieved 797-B instead of 797-A where in there is no I-94 in the bottom of H1-B approval notice.

Currently, I am seeking a new position with Prospective employer and willing to do H1-B transfer but Prospective Employer Attorney refused to do so unless valid I-94 is available.

given the scenario, I have filed H1-B amendment with USCIS on Oct,21 in Premium Processing and awaiting for approval with I-94 and not recieved EAC/WAC receipt number yet.

Question is :

1. Am I out of Status and still accumulating Out of Status days till I recieve H1-B amendment approved with I-94.

2. Can I travel to India for Chennai Consulate Stamping where my Home State is Andhra Pradesh, India as drastic measure not to reach 180 days on Out of Status

3. Can I go ahead and start H1-B transfer with my prospective employer and if the case is Yes, I would like hire your services

4. My wife & son for whom we have filed H4 transfer with my current employer since 2 months, we are awaiting Receipt Number or Approval of my wife & son H4

Once again, Me & my family appreciate your Help and helping out especially we are getting different opinions from our company attorney and other attorneys we speak.

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I came to US on Jan 2007 as a H4 visa holder which is valid until sept 2009. oct 2007 i got H1b approval. but not yet get stamping .sept 2007 i delivered baby. hence i couldnt get any projects and till now i dont have any pay stubs. now i need to go to India urgently for personal reasons and need to come back again after 3 months.

obviously i can't go for H1b stamping since i dont have paystubs

when i return to US can I use my H4 visa.

If yes what happened to my SSN . can i use after coming here in H4

please clarify me.


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n-400 issue

hi rajiv,

I filled my N-400 in 2002, and interviewed in Feb.03, my application was denied last month after waiting 5 years period, the denied me on the grounds of moral character when I was stopped by the police back in 1999 I was found guilty for give a false name, I got a day probation from judge. before they deny my case they also requested that I provide additional documents within 30 days. one of the documents I can attain it only in my country, I took a while for me to receive it, also I went out of the country after I waited for the document to come. the document came 3 days before the deadline while I was overseas. the mail came because I wasn't there my wife cannot accept the mail from the post office because my name bare on the slip. now can I appeal for this case due to me been absent, or what will be my waiting period if I have to reapply my N-400 because the arrest was in 1999 and the denial is in october 08 or what will be my other option?
Thank you all.

Rajiv S. Khanna

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Good morning Mr Khanna:
I have tried to post my thread in the conference call questions, but could not.
Here is my question for you:
I have this conundrum and was hoping to get some advice from you. My H-1B visa (full 6 years), expires in January 2010. My labor will be filed in January 2009. I would like to go back to school full time in Fall 2009 (MS). My understanding is that this is possible if I-140 has not been filed. I would have about 5 months of H-1B time remaining if I start on F-1 in August 2009. After I graduate, start a new job on a new one year OPT, would that be enough time to start a new GC processing without having to go back home for a year? FYI, my new job would be on a completely different field from what i am working on right now. Would i be able to use the priority date from this labor toward the next one?
Your input would mean a lot to me

Looking forward to talking to you tonight


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I am an international student in F1 visa status currently pursuing Masters. My F-1 visa got expired in May 2007 but my I-20 is valid until May 2009. I got married with a person who got his Green Card after 1 week of our marriage according to Hindu religion that means we have not yet registered for marriage in the United States. Therefore, here are my questions:

1. What would you recommend for me to be in status (legal) after May 2009?

2. From my side I can apply for H1 which is lottery system and very difficult. What would you recommend from his side?

3. What are our options since we want to stay together?

I would appreciate for your reply.
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