Citizenship Interviews - Decision Not Yet Made Status


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Hello, I thought I would start a thread for those with a Decision Not Yet Made status after their Citizenship interview. My citizenship interview was on April 18 in Chicago. My GC is employment based. Both my wife and I interviewed on the same day.

My wife's interview went without issues. She got a friendly officer and she was told her n-400 was approved and we saw the USCIS status online changed to approved and that she will hear about oath ceremony info

My interview resulted in a Decision not yet made. The officer was quite reserved and seemed a bit unfriendly/stern. He asked for my GC, drivers license, passport, appt letter. He looked at my passport and asked for my old ones. I stated I did not bring it as they expired. He stated, how am I to verify if you didn't travel outside the country for more than 6 months to a year. I wasn't sure how to answer. I weakly stated that I think all my travel is in there. In actuality, I received my new passport two years before my green card. So it had all 5 years of travel during the time I had my Green Card. All the other questions I was able to answer without issues. I passed my Civics/English test. After he handed me the Decision not yet made letter, I asked him what's the next step in the process. He stated, you have to wait and i will hear in 6 weeks or so. He also said something about going through the application thoroughly as this is a naturalization application.

I did have 12+ trips abroad in the 5 years I had the GC. Most of them were for business and lasting about a week each.

The officer asked for no other docs. If folks have a Decision not yet made status, would be great to hear your experience and what the outcome was? Comments welcome.
Don't worry, this is a typical review/response - keep checking your online status, usually it will change in the next week or so (see the last couple of lines in my signature line below)


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Hi Folks, it has been 3 weeks since my interview and the status is still Decision not yet made. Any thoughts on what could help?


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My case was approved as of this morning. Waiting to be scheduled for oath ceremony. I followed up via calls and also wrote a letter to the IO. I don't know if any of that helped.
Hi Soap, please let us know how it went. My husband is in a similar position. He got denied in 2015 due to his divorce in 2012 after 6 years of marriage. He got LPR through that wife. He's thinking of reapplying next year after 5 years of GMC so looking at the likelihood of citizenship success. I'm a USC but I know our marriage has no bearing on his citizenship outcome. So wish we had met years earlier as I know we are soulmates. Anyhow good luck to everyone!
Hello all
Just want to share my status
got my 10 yrs GC 03-2019

Applied 07-01-2019 - Chicago base on 3yrs marriage
did fingerprint 07-25-2019
interview 09-25-2019
in interview day I took my wife and daughter
IO came asked me if she is my wife than IO took my wife interview ( I WAS SHOCKED , IN INTERVIEW LATTER NO WHERE SAY TAKE WIFE WITH YOU)
However they interview her almost 20 minutes, I asked her what IO asked she said its just general quest , how we mate , when we got married , arranged or love marriage etc IO came and took me for interview
I passed exam also IO hand over me paper for sign it , that is for me and my wife was together when I filled for I751 at home
IO also took witness of another IO sign on paper,
at the end of interview she gave me paper
I passed exam but decisions can not be made , its almost 4 month , I called 3 times USCIS last week they create ticket got email today that
questing to all anyone having same issue

i saw some peoples contacting with senator or congressman or Ombudsman
please help to get through this

Current status: GC
N400: Applied on first day of 90 days eligibility on 12 June 2019.

I had my interview today. All tests pass and at the end, IO said they cannot approve it now because I have applied earlier than 90 days. As per USCIS calculator, I can apply on 12 June 2019. I applied around 12:30 AM EST on 12 June 2019.

Issue seems to be my location. I am from South California and application was submitted at 10:30 PM on 11 June 2019. In my USCIS case status, submission date is 12th June 2019. I was not aware of this local timezone thing. It was a honest mistake and I hope they take this few hours miss into account while making the decision.

As per IO, they will send their decision soon. I would like to know if anyone has any prior experience. Can I re-apply right away once the decision is made?

My N400 application is denied because I have applied before 90 days eligibility (I applied on June 11th 2019 instead of June 12th 2019). I read the notice few times but did not find any re-application eligibility date. What does this mean? Can I apply right away? Your feedback is sincerely appreciated!